Compatibility Smartblinds & Apple HomeKit

The smart window coverings of Smartblinds contain a motor with Apple HomeKit technology. This wireless motor makes it possible for our smart window products to optimally interact with Apple's smart home platform: Homekit. On this page you can read step-by-step how to connect our products with Apple HomeKit and how to make your Smartblinds part of your Apple smart home.


Follow the steps below to pair your Smartblinds with the Apple HomeKit smart home platform.

  1. Open the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch

  2. Click on the plus sign and choose 'Add accessory'

  3. Scan the HomeKit Setup Code attached to the tassel of your Smartblinds

And that's it! Your Smartblinds are now paired with your HomeKit. Repeat these steps for each Smartblind and the automation and remote control of your smart window coverings can begin.


As you have read, it is extremely easy to connect Smartblinds window coverings with Apple HomeKit. Your smart window coverings are now integrated with your Apple smart home and the smart control can start. Set timetables for your Smartblinds to perform a certain action, create scenes that allow all the smart devices in your home to work together or raise and lower your window blinds using voice commands. The possibilities are endless.

Setting smart scenes with smart window coverings

Setting up a new scene with Apple HomeKit is quite easy:

  1. In the Home or Rooms section, tap the plus symbol and choose 'Add Scene' to create a new scene.

  2. You can choose a standard scene or create your own smart scenes. For example, create a few scenes to save energy!

  3. Name your scene, add your Smartblinds, choose a suitable symbol and save the scene. Mark the scene as favourite to see it in the control panel of the Home section in the app.

Automate your smart window coverings with Apple HomeKit

Via the 'automation' section you can make your Smartblinds work automatically with other smart devices in your home. You can set your smart blinds to lower automatically when the last person leaves the house during the day. By connecting your smart lights to them, your lights will also go off at the same time. Take a moment to browse through the Apple Home app and discover its endless possibilities. See which devices you can integrate within your Apple smart home here.

Have you created some really creative and useful scenes and automations with Apple HomeKit and our smart window coverings? If so, please let us know! We'll probably be able to inspire other Smartblinds users with your creativity too.

Smart living with Apple HomeKit

"Hey Siri, open my honeycomb blinds". Just a quick voice command to open your blinds as you prepare breakfast for a new day at work. Or maybe you already set them to go up automatically when the sun rises? By making your Smartblinds work together with your Apple HomeKit you provide your home with more comfort, convenience, fun, safety, durability and atmosphere. All based on smart technology. Order your roller blinds for Apple HomeKit from our shop and create the ultimate indoor living environment!

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