Smart living with smart window blinds

Smart window blinds are more than just stylish. It is the perfect solution to create convenient, safe and durable interior spaces. With smart window blinds, you will be provided with many conveniences and bring your interior to life.

Everyday convenience
Smart home users save around 30 minutes a day through smart devices. With smart window blinds, you provide yourself with everyday convenience. Raising and lowering your window blinds remotely, waking up automatically every morning with daylight and preset scenes tailored to your daily rhythm. The possibilities are endless.
home automation home automation
With smart window blinds, you live more safely. Cords are a thing of the past, making your home child- and animal-friendly from now on. Moreover, the automatic movement of your window covering makes it look like your house is occupied. This deters burglars. From now on, you can go on holiday with a safe feeling.
Safe house Safe house
Through smart home applications, you can save on your monthly energy costs. Windows in particular play a big role in heat gain and loss. With motorised window blinds, you cleverly respond to influences from immediate surroundings, such as temperature and daylight intensity. In this way, you create a better indoor climate, resulting in energy-efficient homes and cost savings on energy bills.
Sustainability Sustainability
Anywhere & any way
Smartblinds smart window blinds can be operated anytime, anywhere. Manually from home, remotely via voice control and anywhere in the world with, for example, the Apple HomeKit app on your smartphone. Moreover, you easily connect Smartblinds with other smart home devices and applications, making them part of a larger smart home network. This wide range of control and connectivity options for window coverings allows for more comfortable, energy-efficient and safer living.

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