Smartblinds and Matter

Currently, smart home devices operate over all sorts of different networks. One device works via Thread and connects directly to your smart home, while another device is connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, again requiring a bridge to connect it to your smart home app. Because of all these different smart home protocols and networks, as a smart home owner you often have to deal with multiple bridges that just complicate it all. With Matter, this complicated spider web of smart home devices is a thing of the past. Matter ensures that you no longer need a bridge to add your devices to your smart home. Matter greatly expands the possibilities of your smart home, but how does Matter work and does it affect your Smartblinds?

What is Matter?

Matter is the new smart home protocol that is changing the entire smart home world. Matter originated from a partnership between Google, Amazon and Apple, among others, back then under the name 'CHIP'. In 2019, these companies started developing a protocol that will enable smart home collaboration anytime, no matter what brand your device is from. Matter was supposed to be launched as early as 2020, but due to the confluence of circumstances and COVID-19, the target was set to launch Matter in 2022. You can recognise products that are Matter compatible by the Matter logo on the packaging. Matter provides the following pleasant benefits:

  • Comfort
  • Matter products are easy to add to your smart home. Like Smartblinds, Matter works with a QR code that allows you to quickly scan your device and add it to your smart home.

  • Secure
  • Matter uses a secure connection, making it even harder for hackers to access your data. How safe is that!

  • Reliable & consistent
  • Matter connection is faster, more reliable and more consistent than current smart homes. With Matter, the chance of errors is a lot lower than with current smart home protocols.


Matter and Smartblinds

As it stands, Smartblinds already connect directly to Apple HomeKit. So for Apple users who already have Smartblinds, the Matter update does not give a whole lot of new benefits. For users of other smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Matter is the solution to connection problems of our time. Matter eliminates the use of bridges. Note! Not all devices in your smart home can be updated with the new Matter software. Smartblinds' motors will be updated at the launch of Matter, though. This will automatically install the Matter software on your motor. As a result, you as a Google Home user, for example, will be able to use your Smartblinds without Motionblinds WiFi bridge from the update!

Smartblinds and Matter

An all-smart home with Matter

As mentioned, your Smartblinds are automatically updated with the Matter software. This is not the case for all smart home devices. So check whether all your devices you have in your home do meet the update requirements of the new Matter standard. Do you have some outdated devices in your home that are not suitable for the Matter update? Then consider upgrading your device with a newer version that is Matter-capable. Not doing this? No problem. Your bridge will of course still allow you to use your smart home devices as normal.

Ready for Matter with Smartblinds

Smartblinds' smart home window blinds are, of course, available to order now and will update automatically when Matter is actually introduced. So you can already get your smart window coverings in your home and install them now. If Matter goes live, all you have to do is update and your windows will have real Matter blinds! Curious about the possibilities of Smartblinds? Take a look through our offer in different categories of smart window covering. All our window coverings are easy to configure according to your needs.

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