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Motorised blinds. Some don't like it, but in recent years this trend has been gaining ground. Where it once started with a motor powered by mains electricity and operated by a remote control, today there are numerous innovative solutions that allow you to control your motorised blinds in many ways. Smartblinds' window coverings also feature a motor, and not just any motor. The smart motor from Eve Motionblinds is easily connected to your smart home, allowing you to make your Smartblinds work with other devices, set scenes, timers and much more. We take you through the possibilities of smart motor blinds and give you a sneak peek at the range.

A smart home compatible motor
Smartblinds is not just window blind with a motor. In fact, Smartblinds' motor can be connected to your smart home. By scanning the QR code of your smart roller blind, for example, and following the steps in your smart home app, you can easily add your Smartblinds to your favourite smart home platform. This makes it possible, in addition to manual operation via cord or any remote control, to set your motorised window blinds in motion with a voice command, for example, or a swipe on your phone. Do you have a smart hub in your home, such as an Apple HomePod Mini? Then you can control your motorised roller blinds from anywhere and at any time.
motorised blinds motorised blinds
Wireless, so no mains power

A big advantage of Smartblinds' smart motor is that it is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so constant supply of mains power is no longer necessary. There is no need for an electrical outlet nearby or power through the wall! The motor is long lasting and would only need to be recharged 1-3 times a year with the included USB-C cable under normal use.

Motorised window blinds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smartblinds can accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking for motorised blinds for large windows, or just want to replace your kitchen blind with a motorised roller blind, Smartblinds has it all for you.

Motorised blinds Motorised blinds
A world of smart control options
Instead of just being a motorised blind, Smartblinds are equipped with the well-known Eve Motionblinds smart home compatible motor. This motor, once connected to your smart home system, opens up a new world of control options. Whereas before it was only possible to control a motorised blind with a remote control, this motor makes it possible to control your blind with your phone or voice, for example, in addition to a remote control. You can take this even further by using timers and triggers to automate your motorised blinds! This means you no longer have to control anything yourself, but your blinds move automatically!
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Motorised roller blinds
The most common and popular form of motorised blinds are the motorised roller blinds. Roller blinds fit in most interiors and look stylish, but simple. Ze zijn geschikt voor meerdere ruimtes omdat je per ruimte kunt kiezen aan welke mate van verduistering je rolgordijn moet voldoen. The fact that it's a motorised roller blind makes it even better, because now you don't have to be near your blind anymore to set it to the right position. How lovely is that?!
motorised roller blind motorised roller blind

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