Compatible with your smart home

Smartblinds smart window coverings, powered by Eve MotionBlinds motors, work seamlessly with your HomeKit smart home!

No bridge with Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is Apple's smart home system. With your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the HomePod Mini you can connect all your smart devices together and create a smart home. Via the HomeKit app you control all these devices in one place and create your own smart scenes. The smart window coverings of Smartblinds are extremely easy to connect to your Apple HomeKit. Simply scan the HomeKit Setup Code on our products and you will instantly connect your Smartblinds to HomeKit. Thanks to Thread connectivity, no bridge is required!

Ready for Matter in the Future

Currently, Smartblinds work via Thread and therefore you do not need a bridge as an Apple HomeKit user. For android devices this is the case if you want to control your electric blinds with your smartphone. But, this is about to change! In the future, our motors will be updated to allow Smartblinds to work with the Matter protocol. Matter is the result of an idea by Apple, Google, Amazon and other well-known brands within the smart home world and ensures that all smart devices can talk to each other. Regardless of whether the accessory works via Thread, WiFi or Bluetooth. As soon as Matter is available, Android users will no longer need a bridge to operate Smartblinds! Do you already have smart blinds at home? If so, we expect an update to make your Smartblinds Matter-proof by the end of this year! We will provide an update about Matter later this year.



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