Together for a better world

Smartblinds contributes to a sustainable, clean and innovative world in many ways. We support good causes, our products are sustainably produced and much more! Are you curious about what we do? Click on one of the topics below and learn all about Smartblinds!

Recycled fabrics

By converting recycled PET bottles into window covering textiles, we contribute to reducing plastic waste in the world. In this way, we create sustainable smart products that also make homes more sustainable.

Sustainable production

Water is used efficiently in the production of Smartblinds. Not only the efficient use of water contributes to a sustainable production process. Green energy is also used during production.

How smart window coverings contribute to sustainability

Smart window covering contributes to making your home more sustainable. The combination with smart home makes it possible for your electric roller blinds or day and night blinds to lead a life of their own. This way you let the window coverings in your home go up and down automatically in different weather conditions, which saves you energy costs. By cleverly dealing with the power of the sun, you contribute to a pleasant climate in the house. For example, in the summer period you lower your blinds automatically when the sun shines strongly, keeping the heat outside as much as possible and reducing the need to use the air conditioning. In the winter, on the other hand, your window covering makes sure that the sun heats up your house, so that you don't have to heat as much.


Electric to the North Cape for charity
Electric solutions are the future. Through a cooperation with Renova BMW, we demonstrated that with an electric car you are able to drive to the northernmost point of Europe. And this for a good cause, namely to raise money for KWF Cancer.
Together to a cleaner world with Trashpackers
It is common sense to us that as a person and a company, you strive to be good to the world around you, to your fellow man, nature and the environment - and take responsibility for it. Therefore, together with Trashpackers, we try to make a positive impact on the world around us and its preservation.
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