Together to a clean and environmentally friendly world

At Smartblinds, we want to contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly world. One of the ways we do this is by supporting the foundation: Trashpackers. Trashpackers is a global platform for backpackers who want to help create a cleaner world by cleaning up trash. Tijmen Sissing, founder of Trashpackers, went on a trip to Asia in 2017. He was shocked by the amount of waste he encountered during his trip. Tijmen was ready to change this and decided to take action while backpacking in 2018. He started cleaning up plastic waste on beaches. His action got huge attention all over the world! His action inspired other backpackers to also start cleaning up polluted places. This inspired Tijmen to create an online platform for backpackers who want to join him in his mission.


Trashpackers and Smartblinds

Trashpackers' way of making the world a cleaner place is not only an inspiration to us, but to many others as well. We support Trashpackers' mission of cleaning up as much waste as possible each year and using less plastic. Because we also want to set a good example ourselves, we recycle materials that are used for new products and invest in sustainable production. We want to reduce further production of new materials and plastic waste in the world.

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