All you need to know about Thread

Thread is an energy-efficient communication protocol for smart devices. By using Thread, you can optimise the smart home experience in your home. Thread takes care of a better connection and communication, making everything work even faster and smoother. How does Thread do this? We explain that to you.

How does Thread work?

Thread is an energy-efficient wireless smart home protocol, developed by the Thread Group. Thread is a protocol with which devices not only can 'communicate' via a smart hub, but also directly with each other. Through Thread, devices are not only connected to the internet, but also with each other. Because of this, smart devices can also receive notifications from each other. This makes the connection of your smart home devices a lot more stable and faster. Moreover, Thread is a 'mesh' network. But what is that exactly?


What is a mesh network?

As mentioned, Thread is a wireless mesh network. This means that Thread works a little differently than what you are used to from a normal Wi-Fi network. A Wi-Fi network uses a central point from which every device can get its networking needs. In a mesh network this is not the case. Every device supported by Thread, and therefore part of a mesh network, is able to connect to other devices. The network therefore remains intact, should an important component suddenly fail. This makes a Thread network not only very handy, but also extremely reliable!

The 5 most important befenits of Thread

  1. As mentioned, Thread is reliable. The mesh network is capable of correcting its own errors. If a device fails, its role is taken over by another device in the network.

  2. Thread is secure. All devices that want to work with Thread are authenticated beforehand. On top of that, all communications are AES-encrypted. In short, this means that your data simply cannot be more secure.

  3. Sustainability and efficiency. Thread moves with the times and is therefore economical with its energy consumption. This makes the batteries of Thread-based devices last for years.

  4. The use of Thread is very scalable. It is very easy to expand to hundreds of devices without much effort. When using so many devices, it is often recommended to connect multiple routers to prevent interference. However, such quantities are rare in households.

  5. Your Thread network can be connected to the internet. This means that your Thread network is also connected to the Cloud. Super convenient, because this way you'll never lose anything!

Thread and Smartblinds

Now that you know what Thread is and what it can do in your smart home, you probably still have a question. What does Thread do in relation to Smartblinds? The motors of Smartblinds are, among other things, controlled by the system of Thread. Via the Thread network, you can operate your Smartblinds effortlessly wherever and whenever you are, in various ways. Are you at home? Then set all your blinds in motion with one simple voice command. Away from home. Open your smart home app on your phone and set your Smartblinds to the desired hanging percentage from there.

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