Smart home scenes to save energy

Recently, energy saving has become an increasingly important topic of conversation. With energy prices skyrocketing, more and more households are looking for energy-saving options. Smart window decoration is one of them. With its extensive control options, you can save energy with Smartblinds in your home. We are going to tell you how!

Smart control

Smartblinds' smart window blinds are electrically controlled via the wireless Eve Motionblinds motor. The Eve Motionblinds motor is easy to add to your smart home app. Some smart home platforms require a bridge to add your roller blind to the app. View the compatibility with your smart home. You can easily control Smartblinds via Apple's home app. Via the app, you can do this by dragging your Smartblinds to the desired hanging position. Don't have your phone in your pocket? Then of course it is also possible to give your Smartblinds voice commands. To be able to use voice control, you will need a smart hub in your home. This can differ per smart home platform. Apple has the Apple HomePod Mini, and Google uses the Google Nest Hub or Google Nest mini. Via voice control or timers, it is possible to control one or more devices at the same time. You can create scenes in your smart home app for this purpose.

smart control
Smart home scenes

Setting up smart scenes makes it possible for multiple devices to work together. To do this you need to familiarise yourself with your smart home platform and app. Through the app you link the desired smart home devices to each other. For example, link your Smartblinds smart roller blinds to your smart home lighting and your HomePod Mini. Set a time when you want to put the scene into action. In this example we will create a morning scene to wake up with, so we will take 07:30AM as used time.

Now that you have connected the devices, you can set the command that the devices must perform when the scene is set. Set your blinds to open at 7.30am on the dot. You can also set your smart lights to switch on at the same time. If you want, you can also set your HomePod Mini to play a nice soft music, so that you will be woken up in peace by your smart home devices. Are you already a bit more advanced in smart home? Then add your smart coffee machine to your scene and set it to heat up at 7:35.

smart home scenes
Energy-saving smart home scenes

Smart scenes can help you save on energy costs. Not only good for your wallet, but great for the environment too. By taking into account influences such as the weather and the seasons with your smart home scenes and daily routines in your home, you can be smarter about how you use your energy. For example, you can link your smart window decoration to your smart thermometer or smart sensors that measure sunlight. Because your smart sensors measure sunlight, you can set your smart window decoration to close automatically when there is a certain amount of sunlight. This prevents the house from heating up too much, so you can leave your air conditioning off. This way you save some costs! In addition, you can reverse this scene in the winter. In winter, you can make good use of the sun's heat. Set your blinds to open automatically when your sensors detect enough sunlight, allowing the sun to shine in and warm up the house a little. That can save quite a bit on heating costs.

Save energy with smart scenes

There are many other ways in which you can use smart scenes and smart home devices to save energy. In general, smart home devices are already more energy efficient than normal devices. As you have read, smart window decoration can also have a big impact on the energy savings in your home. Curious about the other possibilities of smart window decoration by Smartblinds? Take a look at our collection!

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