Bathroom window blinds

Windows in your bathroom make it feel bright, clean and hygienic. But you don't want everyone to be able to look into your bathroom all day. That's why blinds in the bathroom are so important. But how do you know which blind is best for your bathroom? Choosing bathroom blinds is one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to window coverings in your home. After all, your bathroom is a humid place that usually has a drab colour pattern. So the window coverings for your bathroom need to be moisture resistant and match the colour pattern of your bathroom. We at Smartblinds have thought of that.

Smart & moisture resistant bathroom window blinds

The smart blinds from Smartblinds is moisture resistant. This means that any moisture that gets onto the fabric of your Smartblinds will not be absorbed. So there are no dirty moisture stains in your bathroom window. Smartblinds also has an extensive collection with many different shades. With Smartblinds' timeless design and wide range of colours, you can easily choose the blind that suits your bathroom. Not sure about the colour choice and type of fabric? Order free colour samples on our website! The samples will be delivered to your home within 1-2 working days. At home, you can place the samples next to your furniture, walls and accessories to see which fabric and colour of blind best suits your bathroom.

bathroom window blinds

Benefits of a smart bathroom window blind

Smartblinds offer optimal privacy protection. The blinds are available in blackout, sheer and light filtering fabrics. This allows you to control the incidence of light while enjoying the right amount of privacy in your bathroom. What's more, with the app and voice control, you can operate the smart blinds without having to climb over the bathtub or walk across the wet floor with dry socks. Smartblinds smart roller blinds are very easy to clean with a damp cloth. In addition, Smartblinds roller blinds block heat, preventing your bathroom from turning into a hothouse.

The colour choice of your bathroom window blind
The bathroom is generally a room that contains many light tones, both on the walls and in the interior and design. Therefore, it is very important that the window coverings in your bathroom are also coloured in this style, or offer a nice contrast. If you use a lot of soft tones such as beige, sand and cream, it is nice to choose similar coloured bathroom window coverings. But if you like pure white and austere colours, it is also nice to create contrast with bathroom window decoration, by using black roller blinds for instance. You can vary a lot in the choice of colours of bathroom window coverings. Request colour samples via our website and compare at home which colour window covering fits best in your bathroom.
bathroom window blind

Tilt and turn window

Our blinds can also be used in combination with a tilt and turn window. When you attach the Smartblinds electric blind to the window, the window decoration rotates and tilts with your window. Ideal if you want to air your bathroom after a nice bath or shower.

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