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Smart home routines are made for making life a little easier. Setting your whole house in motion with just one command or trigger, it is possible with routines. Google's smart home platform already has a number of standard routines ready for you. In addition, you can easily design your personal routines. We take you step by step through setting up such a routine.

Routines on Google Home

Of course, to create your own routines, the first thing you need is the Google Home app. You can download this from the Google Play Store, or App Store for iOS users. Once you have selected your account, you are ready to start your Routines. To do this, click on your profile at the top right. Next, continue by clicking on the 'settings for Assistant' heading. You will then see your Google Home Routines settings here. Here you will see the pre-set Routines from Google Home itself. Feel free to take a look through here.

Google also has its own smart hub. The Google Nest Hub is a touchscreen smart station where you have the complete overview of your Google Home. You can also set and adjust your Google Home Routines on it.

Google Home routine

Customised Google Routine

If you want to pair your devices with your Google Home and add them to your routines, of course, your device must be compatible with Google Home. So when buying your smart home devices, pay close attention to whether the device is also pairable with your smart home platform. Once you have the right devices, you can start creating your personal Routines for your Google Home. We take you through the process step by step:

  1. In your Routines, click the button 'NEW' at the right top corner of your screen.

  2. Choose a way you want to set your Routine in motion, a trigger. As a trigger, you can choose, for example, a voice command for your Google Assistant, a timer at a certain time or a certain event such as sunrise or sunset.

  3. Choose which days your Routine should set in motion. For example, create a separate routine for weekends and a separate routine for weekdays.

  4. Add actions and devices to your Routine. This could include your Google Assistant telling you the day's weather forecast, the smart thermostat adjusting the temperature and smart blinds that open automatically at trigger time. Everything is possible! Note that before you can add your devices to your routine, you need to have added all your smart home devices to your Google Home app beforehand. Smartblinds explains how to add devices to the Google Home app.

  5. Give your Google Routine a cute name and save it. Creating your first own Google Home Routine has worked!

Automation of your home

Now that you've set up your first Google Home routine, you can keep expanding or adjusting your routines. That way, you will gradually ensure that your home turns into an automated home. An automated home offers many advantages. A house that is always moving deters burglars. This is because they think someone is always at home. In addition, smart home devices can collectively reduce energy bills. Great for you and the environment! Read more about saving energy with your smart home!

Google Home routine
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