Day and night blinds for the living room

Choosing the right window coverings in the living room is not easy. Honeycomb blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds or a curtain after all? The wide choice can sometimes cause a lot of selection stress. Fortunately, there are day and night blinds for the living room. Day and night roller blinds may be called roller blinds, but actually this separate type of blind does not belong to this category. A day and night roller blind is more playful than a normal roller blind. This is due to several factors. In this article, we explain to you what a day and night blind is, how these zebra blinds work and why you should have a day and night blind in your living room.

What is a day and night blind?

A day and night roller blind, as mentioned, is not just any roller blind, it actually falls a bit outside this category. A normal roller blind rolls up and down as you probably know it. A zebra blind does this differently. Here, the fabric at the bottom runs around a cylinder back up into the top of your day and night blind. As a result, when you move the blind, you get two fabric strips moving behind each other. Now you must be thinking. What use do two fabric strips have behind each other?

So it is in the fabric. The fabric of a day and night blind does not consist of one single-coloured fabric, but of two horizontal fabric strips that alternate. One is transparent, the other is blackout, like a zebra. Because these strips move one after the other, you can open up the transparent stripes of your living room day and night blind at one moment and isolate yourself by letting the darkening stripes come to the front at the other moment.

zebra blinds living room

Why a day and night blind in the living room?

Choosing window blinds for your living room is tricky. A normal roller blind in your living room will quickly make your living room too dark, or on the other hand, you'll have no privacy at all. A duo blind is actually the middle ground between the blackout and transparent version of a normal roller blind. Because you can easily switch between letting light through or creating privacy with the black-out fabric stripes, you can have the desired atmosphere in your living room in no time. Day and night blinds in the living room are the affordable middle ground for everyone!

day and night blinds for living room

I want a day and night blind in my living room, but how do I choose the right one?

If you have finally decided that you want a day and night blind in your living room, you haven't finished considering. Which zebra blind fits your living room and its interior best? At Smartblinds we try to help you make the right choice. First of all, to determine the right fabric colour, you can see and compare our fabrics in your home by requesting free colour samples. Do you still have selection stress after receiving the colour samples, or do you have questions you can't find answers to? Our experts are ready to help you with all your questions and concerns via an online consultation!

day and night blinds living room

A day and night blind in the living room: just do it!

A day and night blind in the living room is regularly still seen as a bold choice for a room like the living room. It can make or break the style of your living room. Many people therefore often choose a normal roller blind. However, a day and night blind is the perfect way to give your room that extra touch of atmosphere and distinctiveness that will really make your living room stand out! You can also combine your day and night blinds with normal curtains. This makes your living room look even more stylish!

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