Window blinds for doors

Are you looking for window blinds for your door or doors? If so, make sure that when choosing your door window blinds, you carefully consider some aspects that can cause problems when choosing door blinds. This article will tell you what things you should pay attention to while putting together and choosing the right door window blinds.

Door window blinds must be functional
Doors come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some have a sliding glass door, others have an 'ordinary' French door with glass, or simply made of wood or plastic. Since many doors, like windows, let in a lot of light, window blinds for the door are no luxury. Because doors can slide, open or perhaps tilt, it is important to take these functionalities into account when choosing the best door window blinds. Aspects to consider, for example, are the way of installation on your door and, for example, a door handle that can affect the size and placement of your blinds. We take you through the different types of window blinds you can use to clad your door and what to look out for when doing so.
Door window blinds Door window blinds
Roller blinds for doors
One of the ways you can regulate light coming into your door is with a roller blind for your door. Roller blinds are perfect for doors. Because Smartblinds unroll smart blinds from the back, you most likely have enough margin to let the fabric of your blind pass behind the latch (just check this yourself when measuring)! The day and night blinds from Smartblinds are made of a double fabric track, but most likely these 2 fabric tracks together will also fit behind your door handle. That's why duo roller blinds and door roller blinds are perfect!
door roller blind door roller blind
Electric roller blinds for bifold doors
Smartlinds are the perfect electric roller blinds for bifold doors. They offer a perfect blend of style and convenience for to cover up your bifold doors. Upgrade your living space with these smart and elegant window blinds that can cover up your bifold doors easy. Because of the folding of the doors, we recommend to install your blinds outside the recess, so you can open your doors without touching the electric roller blinds for your bifold doors. When you completely open your bifold door blinds, you can fold your bifold doors open.
electric roller blinds for bifold doors electric roller blinds for bifold doors

Fixing a Venetian blind on a door

Fixing a Venetian blind to the door is actually not possible behind the latch. Because the slats of Venetian blinds are often 50 millimetres wide, it is most likely not possible to run the blind behind the latch. So then you will have to choose to install over the latch, but whether this is a suitable solution is debatable.

The perfect door window blinds

After reading the article, you probably come to the conclusion that for regular doors, roller blinds and duo blinds are the most suitable door window blinds. Because the systems and fabrics with these window coverings are the most compact, you have the greatest chance of installing them behind the door handle, which means that in terms of functionality, you can still use your door perfectly. Of course, other types of window blinds also look great on a door, but they are more likely to require you to install over your door handle, which can be detrimental to ease of use. Do you have questions about which window blinds are best for your door? In a free online consultation with our advisers, you will receive appropriate advice on the best choice for your door.

roller blinds for doors
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