Double roller blinds: 2 fabric strips for double the style!

Besides normal smart roller blinds, Smartblinds also has several other types of window coverings. One of these types are our double roller blinds. These are roller blinds that consist of a double fabric track. Smartblinds explains to you what these blinds are and how they work.

What is a double roller blind?

A double roller blind is a kind of normal roller blind, with a few modifications. For example, a double roller blind has a double fabric layer instead of a single fabric layer. Another difference is that generally the fabric of a normal blind is a solid color. With a double roller blind this is different. Here the fabric actually consists of 2 types of textile. A transparent textile strip and a plain textile strip alternate. This gives you a kind of horizontal zebra pattern.

double roller blind

Why double roller blinds are popular

What makes a double roller blind so cool and popular is the ability to control the degree of privacy and light transmission. Because you can move the transparent and closed fabric strips on top of each other, you determine how much light shines through your blind. So during the day you can have your blinds completely down, but still let a lot of light in through the transparent strips. This way you create the perfect balance between privacy and light. Is it evening? By closing the transparent fabric strips with the plain fabric, you create a nice and cozy atmosphere in your home.

double roller blinds

Horizontal shadows

Just like venetian blinds, double roller blinds are are made of horizontal tracks, which can let through light. By letting daylight shine through your transparent fabric strips, you can form beautiful shadow patterns. Open up your electric double roller blinds, you can add shadow patterns to the floors in your home, brightening up your home and interior even more!

electric double roller blind

Double roller blinds from Smartblinds

With a made to measure double roller blind from Smartblinds, you expand the possibilities of your window decoration. The cool extras that the 2 different fabric tracks have to offer, with also the smart options of which the elektrische day and night blinds from Smartblinds are provided. In fact, you can connect Smartblinds' smart double roller blinds to your smart home, allowing you to control them in 3 different ways:

smartphone bediening
Smartphone control

By connecting your smart double roller blind to your smart home platform, you can control your window decoration with your cell phone. On your phone, swipe the blinds to the desired hanging percentage.

dubbel rolgordijn
Voice control

Ask your smart assistant if they can operate the blind. It's simple. For example, speak to your smart assistant on your Apple HomePod Mini: ''Hey Siri, pull down all my blinds in the living room.''

Manual control

Manual operation is still possible via the convenient pull cord. Set the double roller blind in motion with a short tug on the cord, and your blind will automatically set itself in motion. Stop the blind by tugging again.


Perfect fit double roller blind

At Smartblinds, we love to customize your blinds. That's why we make it possible to put together your favourite window blind 100% tailor-made, completely according to your own wishes. Determine the dimensions, controls and extras like a cassette all by yourself and enjoy your custom-made electric double roller blinds within 5 to 10 working days. Would you rather check our fabrics in advance? Ask for free colour samples. We will deliver the colour samples to your home within 2 business days to ensure you make the right choice!

perfect fit double roller blind
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