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Day and night blinds. You've probably seen them hanging somewhere, or maybe they hang in your home. If so, you have probably experienced the endless pulling of the cords of your day and night blind. Because a day and night blind consists of 2 different fabric strips, you also have to pull twice as much to open or close the blind. To save your time and effort, get Smartblinds' smart day and night blinds. Smartblinds' smart window coverings can be operated electrically in various ways, so you don't even have to get up from your easy chair to operate your blinds! On this page, you can read all about Smartblinds day and night blinds. From design options to measuring and installation, you will find it here.


Are there different types of day and night blinds?

What colours do day and night blinds come in?

The cassette of a day and night blind

How do you charge a day and night blind?

How do you measure your day and night blind?

How to install the day and night blind

Types of day and night blinds
In fact, all day and night blinds are the same. Every day and night roller blind consists of a double fabric roll with a zebra pattern. Hence, day and night blinds are also often called zebra blinds. When you talk about types, there are no different types of day and night blinds, as you have with normal blinds with transparencies, but we do have 2 different collections of fabrics for the day and night blinds at Smartblinds. The 'Balance' fabric and the 'Pure' fabric collection both have slightly different textures and are available in different colours. To take a closer look at the fabrics, we recommend you request free colour samples via our website free colour samples. Choose the samples you are curious about. We will deliver the colour samples free of charge to your letterbox so that you can carefully consider at home which fabric best suits you, your home and your furnishings.
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Day and night blinds with cassette
With a 'normal' roller blind, you get the choice of fitting your blind with a cassette. With a day and night blind, you don't get this choice. These blinds are labelled a more luxurious version of the standard blind. The cassette around the roller of the day and night blind also contributes to this luxurious look. Besides the luxurious look, the cassette also offers better protection for the fabric of your blind. The fabric of a day and night blind is thinner than that of a normal blind. Especially the transparent fabric strips consist of more sensitive material. With a cassette, the fabric of your day and night blind is preserved longer and you can enjoy your blinds for longer!
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Charging your electric day and night blind
Like all other smart window blinds, Smartblinds day and night blinds' wireless motors are rechargeable by means of a USB-C cable, which you free of charge when you order one of our products. A day and night blind does not need to be charged more than 2 to 4 times a year with normal use. Within 8 hours, your Smartblinds are fully charged and you can enjoy your wireless electric day and night blinds again for a long time!
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Measure your windows independently
With our simple instructions, measuring your windows independently will be a piece of cake. In the instructions and additional accompanying videos, we guide you step by step through the measuring process. After measuring, you can easily enter the obtained measurements online in the configuration of your duo blind. We will then ensure that your day and night blinds are precisely made to measure. With the button below you can view the measurement instructions. If you have ordered free colour samples, you will also receive these instructions on paper in your letterbox.
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Installing day and night blinds
The instruction video and the digital installation manual make it super easy to install your day and night blind yourself. You will also receive the manual on paper together with your day and night blind. Still not sure what to do? Then our support is ready for you!
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