Scandinavian window blinds

Scandinavian living style has become quite a popular style in the rest of Europe in recent years, which is not surprising. The characteristics of a Scandinavian interior match the current trends and developments in interior design and living. We briefly explain to you what the Scandinavian style is and how you can perfectly use Smartblinds smart window coverings as Scandinavian blinds.

Scandinavian style in a nutshell

The Scandinavian style is characterized as a minimalist and calm style. It makes extensive use of natural materials, light colors and shades and clean lines. By using few bright colors and no big eye-catchers, the interior exudes simplicity and unity. Perfect for the person who likes a calm and soft environment at home.

Scandinavian blinds

Blinds in a Scandinavian interior

An important element in Scandinavian interiors are curtains and window blinds. This is because in addition to their functionality of keeping out light or blocking the view from outside to the inside, curtains also have an important function as decoration in the interior. A good curtain can completely change the atmosphere and style of a room. That is why it is important to choose the right Scandinavian blinds for your home. But how do you find an appropriate blind?

Scandinavian window blind

1. Colour

The first choice to make when selecting your Scandinavian blind is the colour choice. As told, light shades and colours do very well in this style. A shade such as white, cream, beige or light gray fits perfectly into the Scandinavian colour palette and thus will also do well as the colour of your window blind. These colours will give your curtains a fresh and bright look.

2. Material

The material of your blinds is, of course, something you should consider. Window blinds come in different materials such as, linen, polyester or wool. These materials are examples of natural-looking materials that go very well with Scandinavian living. These materials have a rustic and natural look, creating the effect where you bring nature into your home.

3. Style

Besides colour and material, what type of blinds you choose is also important, of course. In short, which style do you choose? The Scandinavian style values clean lines and simplicity. Therefore, choose window coverings without too many frills. Go for clean design and stick to the pursuit of simplicity and minimalism when choosing your window covering.

Smart Scandinavian window blinds

Of course, it is also possible to get your Scandinavian window covering from Smartblinds. Smartblinds has several types of window coverings that are all equipped with a smart home motor, allowing you to control your window blinds with your smartphone. Smartblinds' smart window blinds conform to the minimalism and simplicity that characterize Scandinavian interiors.

Scandinavian interior

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