Solar reflective roller blinds

In recent times, we have seen temperatures rise further and further as a result of climate change over the past decades. In Europe, too, we are seeing hotter summers, with the heat starting in the spring and lasting well into the autumn season. Keeping out the heat in the summer season does not require expensive air conditioning that damages the environment and increases your energy bill. Sunshades and extremely expensive sunproof glazing are also a thing of the past. Instead, there are the heat reflective roller blinds of Smartblinds.

What makes a reflective blind special?

The solar reflective roller blinds are blackout blinds and consist of several components. The solar reflective roller blinds are blackout blinds. The front of the solar reflective roller blind consists of the normal fabric, just like a regular roller blind. The difference between a reflective roller blind and a conventional blind is in the back of the blind. The blackout material has a white reflective side on the back, which reflects incoming light and heat. That's why these blinds are often called sun blocking blinds In this way, it becomes difficult for the heat outside to get inside. So you can enjoy a cool home in the hot summers.

Solar reflective blind Solar reflective blind

Sustainable production

Smartblinds' smart roller blinds are sustainably produced and made of textile that comes from recycled PET bottles. During the fabric production process, 50% of water and energy is saved compared to the production of other conventional fabric fabrics. As a result, our sustainable Eco-Friendly fabrics have 30% less impact on the environment. In this way, together with the customer, we contribute to a better future for the climate. Want to know how Smartblinds contributes even more to a more sustainable world? Go to our socials, or look at Smartblinds contributes!

Saving energy with heat reflective roller blinds

Using Smartblinds' smart window coverings will contribute to making your home more sustainable. Especially if you have many south-facing windows, or windows that catch a lot of sunlight, it is ideal to have solar reflective roller blinds in your home. Not only for the thermal comfort they offer, but also for your energy bill!

When choosing a heat reflective roller blind, the colour of the blind is not unimportant. After all, a dark, black roller blind absorbs more heat than window coverings with a light shade. So, when you choose an electrically blackout roller blind, you can take into account to what extent you allow the sun into the house by carefully choosing the colour.

Saving energy Saving energy

The benefits of solar reflective roller blinds

When your roller blind is heat reflective, you not only enjoy thermal comfort and a fuller wallet. The smart roller blinds of Smartblinds also offer the fixed benefits of smart home control. For instance, through the app you can set timers on moments that you do want daylight. That way, you wake up by the daylight you generate, instead of a beeping alarm clock! The other smart control functions such as voice control and pull control also give you optimal ease of use and comfort.

Heat reflective roller blinds made to measure

A heat reflective roller blind made to measure? No problem! At Smartblinds we offer detailed instructions so that you can easily measure your blinds yourself in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. This avoids unnecessary car trips to a showroom or home improvement store.

Do you want a heat reflecting roller blind, but don't know which colour matches your interior? Then order free colour samples! The samples are delivered to your home within 2 working days. At home, you can better judge the fabrics and choose the best one to suit your interior style. Still have questions? Then schedule a free online consultation with one of our advisers.

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