3 cleaning tips for smart window coverings

Cleaning window coverings is often a difficult and time-consuming task. Smart window coverings may be motorised, but unfortunately they do not clean themselves. You will have to do the cleaning yourself. After all, you want your window covering to look as good as new! We give you 3 tips on the smart way to clean your smart window covering.

1. Vacuuming
Vacuuming is one of the best ways to remove dirt and dust from your window covering. Regular vacuuming ensures that there is less dust in your home so that you do not have to dust your window coverings as often. Use a soft cloth for dusting. When vacuuming, use the softest brush, otherwise you will damage the window covering. These tips apply to nearly all types of window covering.

2. Rubber sponge
You can also use a rubber sponge to clean your window covering. The sponge is used to remove dirt and deposits from blinds or cassette systems. No water is needed when using a rubber sponge. Therefore, you do not have to worry about damaging the window decoration motors.

3. Vinegar
Vinegar is widely used, not just to clean window coverings, but also clothes, the bathroom and so on. Vinegar can be used for many things. Vinegar can be used to keep the sheen of window coverings nice. Take a bowl and add as much vinegar as water. Use a microfibre cloth and make it slightly damp. Then gently wipe the window covering. This is particularly useful for cassette systems and blinds.

What to avoid
In addition to the tips we have given you above, there are a number of things you should avoid doing when cleaning your window coverings. For example, do not spray detergent directly on your window covering. This can damage the fabrics, blinds and motor. Instead, use a cloth and make it a little damp and wipe the window covering with it.
In addition, do not use aggressive chemical liquids to clean window coverings. These liquids can damage both the fabric and the motor.
Moreover, it is better to avoid using a lot of water. The motors are electric, so use as little water as possible because water can damage the motor.

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