Questions about smart window blinds

Are you interested in smart window blinds? And have you already done quite a bit of research on it? But do you still have some questions? In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions about smart window blinds!

What are Smartblinds?

Smartblinds are smart window coverings. This means that our range of electric blinds are electrically controllable. So you no longer have to lower or raise each blind with a cord, because with smart window blinds, this is done automatically. So you can control smart window blinds via your smartphone. Smart window blinds can be controlled electrically and from anywhere in the world. Are you on vacation but want your window blinds to go down? Then you can control your window blinds via the app control. Besides this, there are many more possibilities of Smartblinds. Find out how it works!

What are the benefits of Smartblinds?

When you have Smartblinds in your home, there are many benefits you will experience. One of the benefits are: convenience and comfort. Smartblinds provide convenience and comfort in your home. Because of the electric controls, you no longer have to get off your chair or couch to raise or lower your Smartblinds. This provides ultimate convenience and comfort in the home.
A second benefit is safety. With the option of smart scenes, your Smartblinds automatically raise or lower at scheduled times. Even when you are not at home! This makes it seem like someone is home when in fact they are not. This greatly reduces the chances of burglars.
The third advantage is the smartness of Smartblinds. In fact, Smartblinds are very smart. They can be connected to other smart devices, allowing you to turn your home into a completely smart home! With Smartblinds, you don't have to worry that they can't work together with other smart devices in your home.

What are the control options of Smartblinds?

Smartblinds are primarily controllable via your smartphone. Smartblinds work directly with the Apple Home App. If you have an Android smartphone, all you need is a wifi bridge and your Smartblinds will work with Google Home! In addition to smartphone control, there is also the possibility to control Smartblinds via voice control with Siri, for example. In addition to this control, it is also possible to control Smartblinds via pull control. This means that manual pull control is also possible. This is especially convenient for babysitters, for example.

How do you install Smartblinds via the Apple Home app?

Once you have hung your Smartblinds you can start installing. Grab your smartphone, open Apple's home app and scan the QR code hanging from the tassel and you're ready to control your Smartblinds! Then do this with all the Smartblinds you have in your home and get started.

Do you have any questions?

After reading this article, haven't all your questions been answered? Then get in touch with our customer service team, because we would love to help you!