Blackout roller blinds

Summer has begun and that means that it is light outside for a long time and (hopefully) warm days are coming our way. During the day this is very nice and pleasant, but at night when you want to sleep it is not so advantageous. Your room is not dark when you want to sleep and it is most likely not very cool there either. Did you know that you can easily solve this with our black-out window blinds? Read on because we will tell you all about the advantages of our black-out roller blinds!

No light in the room
A well-known feature of blackout roller blinds is that they do not let light through. Blackout roller blinds are therefore ideal for your bedroom. When too much light enters your bedroom at the moment you want to sleep, you will sleep less deeply and you will start the day with less energy. That is of course not the intention and therefore blackout roller blinds are ideal for your bedroom windows.

TIP: Don't want any light in your bedroom at all? Then choose an 'outside the recess' mounting. This ensures that the roller blind fabric covers your window completely and that no light edges are visible.
blackout roller blinds
A cool house
In addition to the characteristic that the blackout fabric does not let light through, it also blocks out the sun and at the same time the heat. The blackout fabric is a somewhat thicker and often double fabric. This fabric keeps the sun out and therefore the heat outside. Does your house get very warm on sunny days? Then choose to hang a blackout fabric in front of the windows where the sun shines. This will ensure that your house stays cool on hot days!
A cool house
Smart options
Our window coverings are smart. This means that our blinds are electrically controlled via your smartphone. It is even possible to set up smart scenes. Do you want your house to stay cool even when you're not at home? This is possible with the use of smart scenes! Set the scene so that your blinds go up when it is still cool outside and down when it gets hot or the sun starts shining on it. You can set the scene entirely as you wish. Smartblinds also have many other smart options, such as being able to work together with other smart devices. Would you like to know more about this? See how Smartblinds interact with other smart devices!
Blackout window coverings

Smartblinds made to measure

We believe that Smartblinds should be suitable for every home and interior. That is why our Smartblinds are made to measure so that they fit your home! In addition, we have many different fabrics in multiple colours in our range so that it fits in every interior! View our vast collection roller- and day and night blinds.