Window covering bedroom ideas, inspiration & tips

Window decoration is an important part of your bedroom. The right window decoration ensures that you receive exactly the right amount of light, so that you can enjoy an optimal night's sleep. Your bedroom is the place in the house where you spend the most time. According to scientist Russell Foster, you even spend a third of your life in the bedroom. So it's an incredibly important room that requires attention.

To get the best out of ourselves every day, a good night's sleep is important. Now you may be asking yourself, "What window coverings are appropriate for my bedroom?" Answer this question and read inspiration and tips in this article!

Look at your bedroom window

The type of window is an important element before you choose your window decoration. It should, of course, fit the shape and size of your window. Therefore, it is important that you take a good look at your window beforehand to make sure the window decoration always fits. With a standard window you have the most choice.

Lots of light or well-darkened?

The big question is: "What would you rather have?" waking up in a pitch-black room or waking up to the sun's rays in your face? Both are possible, of course. One person prefers their room to be as dark as possible and the other thinks a lighter room is fine too. Below you can read what the options are.


Do you choose the first option and therefore want your room as dark as possible? Then you need to pick window coverings with a blackout fabric or lining. The more layers your window coverings contain, the less light will shine through the fabric. This is good to know when looking for your ideal bedroom window coverings.

One of the main advantages of blackout curtains (made to measure) is that they fit perfectly with your window frame. This also means that you have a lot less light coming in. Perfect for an ultra dark room.

Black-out window decoration is available in various designs, such as pleated blinds, roman blinds and electric roller blinds.


Are you more of a fan of a lighter bedroom? No problem! We have plenty of options for lots of light in a bedroom. Window decoration that lets more light through is easy to find. Think, for example, of blinds. These are perfect if you want more light in the bedroom. With venetian blinds you can determine how much light you want to let through. So you are not tied to anything! Blinds are also available in different materials you can think of PVC, bamboo or wooden Venetian blinds.

If you do not necessarily need to determine the amount of light entering the room, or if you always want light in the room, you can also choose pleated blinds, folding blinds and roller blinds with a transparent or semi-transparent fabric!

Curtains for the bedroom

Many people still choose curtains in the bedroom. They are a huge eye-catcher and immediately bring a lot of atmosphere and warmth to a room. Therefore, curtains are often chosen as window coverings in a bedroom. Curtains are not only good for the atmosphere in your bedroom, they are also very practical. They offer the perfect solution for keeping light and heat out of the bedroom. And curtains also dampen a lot of sound. This ensures an even better night's sleep because you will be less disturbed. If you want your room to be properly dark, it's also best to choose a curtain with a blackout material.

What color should you choose?

Because you spend so much time in your bedroom, it's important that you choose the right color. There are actually a lot of possibilities in the bedroom. If you choose blackout window decoration, dark colors go well with it. Think for example of dark gray or dark brown. Some people also choose black. That can look very sleek. If you have chosen window decoration with more light incidence, it is nice if the window decoration itself is also light. Then you can choose colors such as light shades of gray, white, cream or pastel colors.

Tips for a small bedroom

Many people do not have a large bedroom. Therefore, it is important to be smart about the space you have. Therefore, when you have a small bedroom, choose the. Use of light shades. In addition, you can also play with the light in your room.  The lighter your room is the bigger your room seems, so make sure that as much daylight as possible can enter your room.

Smart window decoration for the bedroom

Smart window decoration is also an ideal solution if you are looking for something that will give you a lot of convenience. Smart window covering in your bedroom is the ultimate solution if you want to wake up with the sun in your face, but in the evening you want to have blackout. Smart window decoration can be set via a specific time schedule. This schedule ensures that the window decoration automatically goes up or down at the set time. So you can wake up in the morning with the sun in your face!

Day and night blinds for your bedroom

Do you want to be able to darken your bedroom properly at night but benefit from daylight during the day? Then day and night blinds might be a good option for you! With duo blinds you can easily switch between blackout and translucent window decoration. The day and night blind consists of two fabric layers which you can move in relation to each other. By applying this as window decoration in your bedroom you can regulate both the view and the incidence of light yourself. Duo blinds are also available in different widths. For smaller windows you can better choose narrower strip widths and for larger windows wider strips are more luxurious.

Advantages of window decoration in your bedroom

Window decoration in your bedroom offers a huge number of benefits. And if there's one room where the functionality of window decoration plays an important role, it's the bedroom. Advantages of window decoration in your bedroom are: Insulation, Blackout, Privacy and Atmosphere.

For single-pane windows, a padded lining of your window coverings provides good insulation in the bedroom. Also, the right window coverings keep light from entering the room and window coverings also provide a lot of atmosphere. Window decoration dresses the room, as it were.

Are you greatly inspired by reading this text and would you like to give your own bedroom a makeover? Then take a look at our site. We have a wide range of blackout window coverings to transparent window coverings so you can enjoy an optimal night's sleep! 

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