Workroom and home office inspiration

Partly because of Covid-19, a home office is no longer a luxury. More people are working from home more often, whether you're an employer, independent contractor, employee or student. Home offices always come in handy. Having your own place to work from home has its advantages; no travel time, your own coffee and you can work in your comfortable outfit. A home office can also cause poor concentration because of too many distractions, but also physical complaints such as a stiff neck as a result of poor posture. In this article you'll find workroom and home office inspiration to organize your workplace in a stylish and practical way!

Choose a fixed workspace

The first place in the house that comes to mind when thinking of working from home is the dining room table. It's very cozy but not very efficient. The dining room table is a central place where everyone comes together, so you quickly get distracted. Therefore, try to create a separate workspace at home. A perfect space to work at home is a room that you can lock. Is this not a possibility in your home? Then choose the living room.

Pleasant workplace

Now that a large part of the Netherlands has discovered working at home, it is good to think about a good working posture. If you work at home for a large part of the working week, then it is a smart choice to purchase a good comfortable office chair. If you work at home for a shorter time, then you don't need to buy a whole office package. With the tips and tricks below, you can ensure that a good sitting posture is created when working at home!

Adjustable office chair

When you think of an inspiring workplace, you wouldn't immediately think of your desk and office chair. But these two aspects certainly influence your work enjoyment. You feel better when you are sitting comfortably. So you can choose an adjustable chair. To form a good working posture it is important that your arms are at an angle of 90 degrees, at the same height as the desk where you sit. This gives you the best sitting posture. If you sit too high, you tend to bend forward, which can cause neck, shoulder and back problems. Does your office chair have armrests? If so, make sure they are at the same height as your desk. Don't have an adjustable office chair, and is your seat too low? Then raise the seat height with a cushion!

Working with a laptop

When people work with a laptop, they look down a lot. This can cause a stiff neck. There are simple solutions for this! Buy a separate keyboard and mouse which you can connect to your laptop. Then put your laptop on a pile of books, so that your screen is a bit higher. If you are going to sit at your screen for a long time, don't forget to move around in between! Go for a walk during your break and don't forget to do some stretching exercises!

Tidy and bright workstation

In order to maintain your concentration, it is important that you are not distracted too much. Then make sure you regularly clean up your clutter, to keep the peace. Of course, in addition to tranquility, you also want to create coziness in your workplace. To combine the two, you can choose to put a beautiful plant on your desk or in your home office, plants give a calming effect and still provide padding for the coziness!

The more daylight in your home office, the more energy you will have. Daylight and especially fresh air give you a boost that will make you work harder. Insufficient light is a limiting factor for your productivity. Therefore, choose for example translucent window decorations and lamps that help.

Workroom inspiration for your home office.

A home office has the advantage that you can decorate it entirely to your own taste. Where the home office begins is entirely up to you! Before you start designing your new home office, take a look at what you personally feel comfortable with: what materials, colors and styles appeal to you? Below we have some styling tips to inspire you.


No one gets happy with a boring office, now that you can decorate it entirely to your own taste, you can make it extra cozy. As discussed above, plants are a must when it comes to dressing up a workplace. Plants with dark green leaves color nicely with white and pastel shades, light green leaves match well with darker earthy tones.


You can also easily create a workspace yourself! Do you want to transform a piece of bare wall into a workplace? Then a wall desk is the way to go! This type of desk can be made by yourself or by someone else and fits any interior. Want to know how to make a wall desk yourself? Then click here.

Choosing a desk

A beautiful desk is a must. You have many different desks in small and large. If your room is too small for a desk and a closet you can choose to take a desk with a closet on top. Or you can go for a narrow desk that takes up little space. Do you still have an old table and need a table for your workspace? You can use all kinds of tables just as a desk!

Light and airing

Do you have a small office space? You can make a small room look more spacious by using light colors. A coat of paint in white or another soft color already does a lot. Also pay attention to the furniture, go for airy furniture in a fresh color. Light your room well, but also think about warm mood lighting. This creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. In addition, you can also get more light in your room by placing a large mirror on the wall opposite your window. The object reflects the light and makes your room look bigger.

Keep your workspace cool

Keeping your workspace cool is essential. Not only for your mood, but also for your productivity. People work best at a temperature of around 21 degrees. As soon as it gets warmer, you start working slower and concentration disappears. Do you have a fixed workplace in your home? Then it's time to look for another place. Look carefully at where the sun shines in your home and change during the day to find the cool. Sun protection and window decoration play a big role in this. Curious how? Then read on at Our offer consists of smart roller blinds and smart day and night blinds.

More office inspiration

Need more office and home office inspiration? Then make use of Pinterest! On Pinterest you can easily get a lot of ideas and inspiration for creating your optimal home office.