Window blinds for high windows

Large, high windows are the must-have for providing your home with plenty of natural light, a feeling of space and a wonderful view to enjoy. Sliding doors, tall glass doors and large casement windows often contain windows that can be quite high. How do you make sure that your high windows don't look dull or bare? Smartblinds window coverings are the solution.

High window blinds, made to measure
It can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice, because window coverings for high windows usually have to be made to measure. Fortunately, with Smartblinds you don't have to worry about that. You can measure your own smart blinds yourself. So whether you are looking for smart window coverings for large windows or high windows, we will make sure that the Smartblinds fit exactly in or on your window. We will then deliver them to your home free of charge. You can easily install the Smartblinds manually by using the installation guide. After that, you can fully enjoy sleek design and comfort!
roller blind high window roller blind high window
Smartblidns for a high window
Operating high and large windows is difficult. We understand that it is not nice to operate your window decoration with cables and cords at great height. That is why we at Smartblinds offer smart window decoration that can be operated via an app. This way, we prevent you from having to get up and hoist your blinds yourself. In the app, you can set the desired hanging percentage yourself. After that, the Smartblinds of Smartblinds will take over and let you hang yourself at the desired position.
High window blinds high window blinds
Privacy with high windows
Because your high window quickly covers a large area, it becomes easier for outsiders to look into your room. We understand that this is not desired by you. That is why at Smartblinds we offer a choice of different fabrics, with different thicknesses. This way, you can decide how much privacy you want. At Smartblinds, you also have the option of choosing zebra blinds, for example. These day and night blinds are the perfect way to find balance between natural light and privacy.
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Combining your window blinds
It is possible to combine your Smartblinds with other window coverings. This way, you create variety and multiple dimensions in your interior. For example, hang a smart roller blind in front of your window and combine it with a hanging curtain. Smartblinds offers endless possibilities with our timeless look. This allows Smartblinds to fit into any room and any design, even with tall windows.
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Custom advice

Curious about the colours and styles that Smartblinds offers for window decoration for high windows? Then take a look in our shop. Do you have questions about the sizes and fabrics? We are happy to give you tailored advice, via our chat or a consultation. At Smartblinds, you can easily put together your own customised electric roller blinds and choose the exact measurements of your high windows. You can see whether your window is suitable for our revolutionary window decoration by filling in the measurements!

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