Classy window blinds

In a classic interior, appropriate window coverings are very important. Not surprisingly, you also want to hang classy window blinds in a classic home. But what exactly is a classic interior? And which window blinds best suit this style of interior? In this article, we'll explain what characterises a classic interior, how you can best furnish your classic interior and which classic window coverings fit it best!

Classic interiors: The features

A classic interior is characterised with a number of typical style habits in which attention to detail is one of the greatest features. In a classic interior, sophisticated furniture with detailed finishes, luxurious fabrics and beautiful materials come together to form a traditional whole. A classic interior aims to 'exude unity and timeless elegance'.

Another characteristic of the classic style of living is symmetry. In a classic interior, spaces are provided with symmetrical elements. Think of this from a central point such as an open fireplace, then placing identical elements on both sides of the fireplace.

classic interior features

The colour palette of a classic interior

A classic interior uses many different colours and shades. Here, neutral tones such as beige, cream, and light grey are used a lot in particular. Soft pastel colours are also increasingly common in a classic home. Besides these mainly soft and calm colours, rich colours are also used in a classic interior. These colours, for example burgundy, dark brown, navy blue or emerald green are used to add depth and contrast to the room. To make the space look luxurious as well, gold or bronze detail work is sometimes also used.

classic interior

Classic modern interior

Something that has become increasingly upcoming in recent years is the classic modern interior. This interior style combines classic style with elements from modern interiors. The mix of modern style elements with classic furniture creates a balanced whole that is perfect for relaxing. Besides combining classic and modern interiors, there are also other interior styles that can be perfectly combined. For example, think of a modern rural interior or a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian interior, Japandi!

classic modern interior

Classy window blinds

In a classic interior, classy window blinds should of course not be missing. That is what Smartblinds is all about. The seemingly traditional window blinds have a timeless look, making Smartblinds perfect for use in a classic interior. However, a Smartblind is more modern than you think. Much more modern. Because our systems are equipped with smart motors, allowing you to operate your classic window blinds electrically. Even better, you can also add these motors to your smart home. This makes it possible to control your classic window blinds with your phone, among other things. Smartblinds opens a world of smart control possibilities with these classic, but also super modern window blinds!

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