Electric curtains

Would you like to upgrade your interior with electric curtains? Then Smartblinds smart curtain rails are the right choice! Simply convert your existing curtains to electric, or combine new curtains with our smart motor, and start enjoying the many advantages that automatic curtains offer!

Electric curtains with smart home control

Connecting your electric curtains to a smart home platform like Google Assistant opens up a world of possibilities. Smart home makes it possible to open and close your electric curtains automatically based on your wishes. For example, they can open when the sun rises and close again when it gets dark. Smart curtains are also able to work together with other smart devices, so that your interior comes to life after a voice command from your smart assistant, for example. 

The benefits of smart curtains

Smart curtains in the home offer many advantages. First of all, automation provides you with enormous living comfort and daily convenience, leaving you with time for the things that really matter. In addition, smart routines allow you to respond to certain influences, such as temperature or light. This makes it possible to have your electric curtains close automatically when the sun is high and keep the house cooler. This can even have a positive impact on your energy consumption. Moreover, with automatic curtains in your home, you no longer have to fear burglars when you are on holiday.

Operating your electric curtains

Smartblinds curtain rails offer plenty of control options. Set the favourite positions of your curtains via your home app and create automatic routines to bring your smart curtains to life. Make sure your curtains open and close daily at specific times, when the sun goes down and rises or even react to your voice!

electric curtains made to measure
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