Electric honeycomb blinds

Looking for customised electric honeycomb blinds? Browse our collection of electric honeycomb blinds and bring your home to life with Smartblinds. With our electric honeycomb blinds, you will enjoy an abundance of comfort, durability and safety. Browse through our collection and order your favourite Smartblinds honeycomb blinds. Electric and 100% made to measure!

Honeycomb blinds

The electric honeycomb blinds of Smartblinds are provided with a double fabric web that creates a honeycomb pattern. In this honeycomb pattern there are hexagonal cells in which air enters. The air in these cells ensures that the electric pleated blinds are insulating and soundproof. The cells of the honeycomb ensure that you maintain a pleasant temperature indoors, and little warm air leaves your home during the winter and little cool air leaves during the summer. The electric honeycomb blinds of Smartblinds ensure a pleasant climate in your home. In addition to their insulating and sound-dampening function, Smartblinds' electric honeycomb blinds are fire-retardant. This is very safe, in case something happens. The double honeycomb blinds of Smartblinds are available in various fabrics with different transparencies.

Electric honeycomb blinds
Electric controlled honeycomb blinds

Our electric honeycomb blinds are quick and easy to pair with your smartphone, allowing remote control and even automation. All our products work seamlessly with the best-known smart home platforms and are also future-proofed. Future updates are easily done via the app, which means your Smartblinds will soon even be compatible with Matter, the latest and revolutionary connection standard within the smart home world.

electric honeycomb blinds
Light filtering honeycomb blinds

The perfect ratio of privacy yet plenty of natural light. The light filtering honeycomb blinds fit perfectly in your kitchen or home office!

Blackout honeycomb blinds

Darken your home and enjoy ambience and privacy. Smartblinds' blackout honeycomb blinds are suitable for any room in any home!


With electric honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds, you create atmosphere and depth in your home. With different types of fabric and a wide choice of colours, there is always a colour that matches your interior. Smartblinds also offers various options for your honeycomb blind. For example, you can choose whether you only want a motor at the top of the pleated blind (Top Down), or whether you can electrically operate your pleated blinds at the top and bottom (Top Down Bottom Up). This option allows you to let light through on both sides of the honeycomb blind. This gives you lots of different natural light in your home, creating a spacious feeling.

honeycomb blinds electric

Frequently asked question about electric honeycomb blinds

How do electric honeycomb blinds work?

Electric honeycomb blinds are powered by an electric motor. Smartblinds honeycomb blinds contain an Eve MotionBlinds motor with wireless battery. This can be charged with a USB-C cable and easily connects to the most well-known smart home platforms. This is how you transform your honeycomb blinds into smart honeycomb blinds, which you can make work together with other smart home accessories.

How do I find the right size for my honeycomb blinds?

Measuring electric honeycomb blinds is very easy. Simply measure the width and height of your window pane and specify these when putting together your Smartblinds. If desired, add a certain overlap to the width of your venter. Follow our measuring instructions to find the right size for your electric honeycomb blinds.

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