Heat reflective blinds: Stylish and energy saving!

With climate change and energy conservation as trending topics, solutions to these growing problems are highly desirable. With hotter and hotter summers and harsher winters where temperatures can drop significantly, summer air conditioning and ventilation costs are skyrocketing, while in winter you can barely stoke the temperature in your home above 19°C without passing out from energy bills! Time to change and save. Heat reflective window blinds offer solutions that can help you save a lot of money on your energy bill every year without sacrificing style. We explain what heat reflective window blinds are and how smart heat reflective blinds can help you better manage the temperatures inside and outside your home.

The insulating function of heat reflective window coverings

On average, you lose up to 37% of your home's heat through the windows. Of course, with today's energy prices, you'd prefer this number to go down as far as possible. To achieve this, Smartblinds has heat reflective blinds in different shapes and types. For example, you have normal blackout window coverings, which in a sense already keep out sunlight and heat in the summer and in winter ensure that heat loss through the windows is reduced. There are also forms of insulated window blinds, where there is a focus on insulating functions in the design of the window blinds. These types of window coverings often contain a special coating that reflects sunlight and heat as much as possible. The coating also makes it harder for heat inside the home to find its way out through the windows. This clever addition to your window coverings will reduce your annual air conditioning and heating costs. We briefly explain which heat-reflective window coverings you can find in our assortment.

heat reflective blinds
Blackout roller blinds

Our smart blackout roller blinds are the best solar reflective roller blinds we have in our collection. The special coating on the backside of your roller blinds reflects all the heat, so less heat comes in through your windows. This way, you can keep it nice and cool inside and enjoy a pleasant living environment. Both the Essential and the Comfort collection have a blackout variation with a white backing. Do you wanna see how the colour and backing of our fabrics look? By ordering free colour samples, you receive our sample fabrics at home within 2 working days. This way your can easily feel and compare the fabric of our blackout reflecting roller blinds!

heat reflecting roller blinds
Get smart with your heat reflective blinds

Smartblinds are a unique kind of heat reflective blinds. In fact, you can manage temperature even smarter. You can link Smartblinds smart window blinds to a smart thermostat, a smart weather station or a smart light sensor, for example. Let's briefly sketch a situation where you can save some heating costs:

It is winter. It's cold outside, but the sun is doing a good job of warming things up. You've connected your heat reflective blinds to your smart weather station. Through the Apple HomeKit app, you can set a trigger when your blinds open. Are your living room windows facing south and is the sun shining between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.? Then set that when this is the case your heat-reflecting blinds open automatically. This allows you to warm up the air in your home a little with sunlight, reducing the need for heating. Does the sun turn further, or does it get cloudy? Then set your heat-resistant window blinds to automatically close again, so no heat is lost through your windows.

heat reflecting blinds
Heat-resistant blinds are an upgrade to your insulation!

In fact, you can think of your Smartblinds as a kind of insulation layer for your windows. The walls and roof of your home are often well insulated, so heat really only comes in and out through your windows. That's why it's important to be smart about your Smartblinds. As you have been able to see heat reflective honeycomb blinds are the way to go as heat resistant blinds. This is because of the honeycomb cells inside of your honeycomb blind. Air collects in these cells. This air forms a barrier, so to speak, between the outside air and the air in your home. The barrier ensures that even less heat is lost in winter and in summer the warm air is blocked. Besides pleated blinds, heat reflective roller blinds and Venetian blinds also do a good job as heat reflective window blinds

Heat reflective roller blinds

Smartblinds: The best blinds against heat

Start saving money and energy too with the use of smart and heat reflective blinds. The combination of insulating features and smart use will save you a nice amount of money every year without sacrificing style and quality. Want to see what our heat resistant window blinds look like in real life? Then request free colour samples! You will receive the fabrics through your mailbox within 2 business days. Still have questions about our heat reflective window coverings or need help? Join the chat, or schedule a consultation with one of our experts!

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