The best insulated window blinds for your smart home

Saving energy in your home

It's one of the biggest conversations right now: how to save energy in your home. Purse strings are getting tighter, and everyone is looking at ways to save the pennies on household bills. Are you getting solar panels? An energy-saving water pump? Or perhaps you are simply turning the thermostat down a few degrees or showering at the gym. Whatever way you are trying to cut costs, energy saving is a big topic for everyone. All over the world.

Why invest in insulated window blinds?

According to the Department of Energy about 30% of a home’s heating is lost through windows and about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat. Therefore, it is important to invest in insulated window blinds that will regulate room temperatures, save on energy costs and promote a more sustainable life.

insulating window blinds

Best insulating blinds for windows

The question is: how do you know which blinds to buy? In this blog you can find out the benefits of our window covering fabrics that will help you to insulate your home. We will talk about the best black-out fabrics with special backings and linings, as well as the popular thermal honeycomb fabrics that trap the air inside the cells to create an insulation blanket in front of the window. Read on to find out more.

insulated blinds for windows

The benefits of black-out thermal blinds

Black-out thermal fabrics are ideal for keeping heat out during the day in hot climates and keeping the warmth in on colder days in colder climates. The fabric has been specially designed with reflective backings or linings. These insulated blind fabrics can block any daylight and the sun’s rays, expelling the heat and providing a cool temperature. Not only this, but thermal roller blinds are also the perfect choice for creating privacy at any time of the day, which is ideal for bedrooms.

black-out thermal blinds

Connect to other smart devices

Want to save even more energy? Then we recommend that you connect your Smartblinds to other smart devices in your home. For example, connect your blinds to a smart weather station or smart sensor to detect sunlight. Do you want the blinds to close automatically if it’s too hot or light outside to keep the room cool? or do you want them to close automatically when it’s freezing or dark outside and keep the warmth in? Your Smartblinds can do this and so much more.

Want advice about insulating window blinds?

Our Smartblinds team is here to help. We have a complete range of smart and beautiful window blinds that are both stylish and have excellent functional qualities. Just chat to one of our colleagues on a free online consultation and we will happily advise you on which smart window coverings will suit you best.

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