Thermal roller blinds

At a time when energy prices are skyrocketing, many people are looking for alternative ways to save energy. Also with the growing climate crisis, it is incredibly important to be careful with energy consumption and nature. A beautiful and stylish way to save money on your energy bills is to use thermal blackout roller blinds from Smartblinds. Smartblinds' roller blinds have different qualities. They are insulating, sustainably produced and, by linking them to your smart home, they can also be energy-efficient and smart. Smartblinds explains why our insulated roller blinds are the best choice for you.

How does a blackout thermal roller blind work??

Smartblinds' thermal roller blinds are called the "solar" roller blinds within our collection. Our insulated roller blinds have 2 different sides. The normal side features plain roller blind fabric: Stylish, and timeless. What makes the roller blinds insulating is the reverse side. This is because the reverse side consists of a silver aluminium coating. This coating has another function besides completely darkening your room. It reflects all light from outside, so you can always enjoy a pleasant living climate inside. This makes it harder for heat to enter your home in summer. After all, all the warm light is reflected back outside. In winter, this system works the other way round. In winter, a lot of heat is lost through your windows. To prevent this, suitable window coverings are essential. Fortunately, our blackout thermal blinds are 100% custom-made for you, so you can benefit from the best possible insulation!

Thermal roller blinds

When to choose an insulated roller blind?

Insulated roller blinds contribute a lot to the insulation values of your home. When using single-glazing, insulating roller blinds can save you tens or even hundreds of euros annually on your energy costs. Of course, you would prefer to have insulated roller blinds everywhere in your house, but you still want to enjoy plenty of natural light in your living room. In this case, a blackout thermal roller blind will not do. Smartblinds recommends using thermal roller blinds where they will have the most effect. For example in your bedroom. In your bedroom, the temperature should be pleasant at all times for a good night's sleep. At night, it is also nice if your room is completely blacked out. So a "solar" blackout roller blind comes into its own here. The addition of insulating roller blinds is also very important for south-facing windows and large, multiple windows. Think of sliding doors, balcony doors or conservatories and open kitchens. Do you want the most thermal and energy-efficient window coverings possible? Then choose our thermal honeycomb blinds. Blackout honeycomb blinds are the most durable and efficient window coverings existing. Soon they will be available in the United Kingdom

Seasonal use of thermal blackout roller blinds

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In summer

Handle your insulated window blinds as smartly as possible. When it is hotter outside than inside in summer, you need to keep your window blinds down at all costs to keep your home cool inside. It is very convenient to link your smart home blinds to a smart weather station. This allows you to set automations for your insulating roller blinds. For example, set your blinds to open automatically the moment the temperature drops below 21 degrees in the evening. This way, you can let some fresh air blow through your windows and home. Will it be warmer than 21 degrees the next day? Then you can automatically lower your blinds again. This way, you'll be smart about the temperature outside, so you won't have to run your air conditioning inside as often.

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In winter

You can also be smart about temperature and light inside and outside your home in winter. There are several ways you can make sure you keep your heating costs as low as possible in winter. In winter, it's cold outside. So you will need to try to keep the heat inside as much as possible. That is why it is handy to keep your insulating roller blinds closed for a large part of the day. However, you will still need to air your house for a while. Choose the right moments for this. By connecting your thermal roller blind to a smart sensor that can detect sunlight, your blind will open automatically when the sun is shining strongly. As a result, a lot less heat is lost, and it is even possible to heat your house a little with the heat that the winter sunlight shines in! That's nice saving on your heating costs in winter.

Sustainable thermal window blinds

Smartblinds' insulating blackout roller blinds are sustainably produced. Our fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, as much as 50% of water and 50% of energy are saved during the production of the fabrics. This is why we call our sustainable roller blind fabrics "Eco-Friendly". All things considered, the production of our fabrics has 30% less impact on the environment compared to the production of conventional fabrics. In addition to our own sustainability, we also support other organisations that join us in striving for a better world. See how Smartblinds contributes to a better and more sustainable world!

Blackout thermal roller blinds made-to-measure

Smartblinds' insulated roller blinds are easy to configure. Measure your blinds yourself and we will make sure your blind will fit perfectly in or on your window. Do you want an insulating roller blind, but still have doubts about the colour? By requesting colour samples before ordering, you can always be sure of the right choice! Do you still have questions or problems after requesting your colour samples? Then talk to one of our advisers.

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