Hotel chic curtains

Hotel chic is an interior design style that exudes luxury, elegance and sophistication. It is a style often found in more expensive hotels and offers guests an opulent and exclusive experience. The interiors of a hotel that embraces this style are steeped in glamour and characterized by refined details and high-quality materials.

Not only in hotels is this interior design style very popular. Many people also try to carefully incorporate this style of living into their own homes and interiors. We explain what you should at least have in your home if you go for a hotel chic interior!

Het Hotel chic colour palette

The living style of "hotel chic" uses colors that exude luxury, elegance and sophistication. Neutral tones such as cream, beige and grays serve as base colors and create a timeless background. Luxurious metallics such as gold, silver and bronze are used for a touch of glamour in details and accessories. Deep, intense colors such as deep blue, burgundy and emerald green add accents and contrast. Subtle pastel shades such as soft pink and light blue add softness and sophistication. Using these color combinations creates a harmonious and luxurious environment where guests can enjoy comfort and experience a sense of grandeur.

Hotel chic

Hotel chic curtains

Smartblinds' window coverings serve as the perfect Hotel chic curtains. All window coverings from Smartblinds can be ordered in neutral tones such as gray, beige and black and white. So there is always a shade to match your Hotel chic interior. The smart operation of your Hotel chic curtains, ensures an even more luxurious look. The window coverings of Smartblinds are tightly finished and fully customizable, so your windows will look very elegant and modern.

hotel chique blinds

Furniture for your hotel chic interior

The hotel chic living style uses furniture that exudes a combination of luxury, elegance and comfort. Think furniture pieces such as velvet sofas and armchairs with ornate shapes and high-quality upholstery. Wooden furniture with a dark finish and refined details such as cornices and ornate legs fit well with this style. Marble tables, elegant display cabinets and eye-catching dressing tables may also be present. Accessories such as crystal chandeliers, mirrors with ornate frames and decorative vases can enhance the chic look. The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail contribute to the sense of luxury and sophistication in the hotel chic living style.

hotel chique curtains

The dark and striking furniture pieces versus the lighter walls with beautiful Hotel chic curtains, give you that real hotel feeling. Get elegant and smart window covering in your home and quickly request fabric samples of our collections.

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