Modern window blinds

Modern window blinds With clean lines, simple furniture and little fuss, the modern living style is a common style in today's homes. Modern window decorations can take your interior to the next level. With their sleek and timeless look, Smartblinds smart blinds match every modern interior.

Features of a modern interior
The modern living style is characterised by minimalism. In this style, you will find few accessories. The accessories that are there, are often large and striking. You can think of floating TV stands and wall shelves or a large plant. The use of colour in a modern interior is often not too complicated either. Often, only the basic colours black, white and grey are used. Occasionally, it is nice to use a bright colour, in the form of an artwork or piece of furniture. The modern interior is often combined with other living styles such as country style or industrial.
Modern window blinds
Modern blinds
Smartblinds modern window blinds blends perfectly with any modern interior design. With a lot of variation in the basic colours, with the choice between sheer, light filtering and blackout blinds, our collection is very extensive. The Smartblinds modern roller blinds offer you optimal comfort and ease of use. Our roller blinds are equipped with an Eve Motionblinds motor, which can be controlled via the Apple HomeKit App on your phone. This way, you can operate your modern roller blind with the touch of a finger, instead of pulling the cord of your old-fashioned blind for minutes on end.
Modern roller blinds
Which modern blind in which room?
How much light you want to let through your modern window covering naturally depends on which room it is. It is logical that you want more natural light in your living room than in your bedroom. For that reason, we at Smartblinds offer various fabric options to suit any room. A bedroom is a place where privacy and light are very important. We therefore recommend a black-out smart roller blind from Smartblinds. These protect your privacy and do not allow daylight through so that you can sleep soundly. When you want to wake up, you can simply use the app to set a timer, which will automatically activate and open the electric roller blinds. That way, you wake up calm with the daylight shining in your eyes, instead of that beeping alarm clock. In your living room you want a lot of light. Then the choice for a black-out roller blind is not the best one. Therefore, we also offer our roller blinds in transparent and translucent fabrics. These roller blinds provide an atmospheric incidence of light, but prevent people from unabashedly looking into your living room.
Modern roller blinds

Modern custom window coverings

Our smart modern roller blinds are easy to order and install at home. You can measure your blinds yourself. We make sure that the smart blinds are custom-made and fit perfectly into your modern interior. 

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