Country blinds

It is impossible to imagine contemporary homes without the country style. The country style originated in the countryside, but over the years it has become increasingly popular in cities and towns. Country interiors radiate peace and tranquillity and cosiness. This allows you to escape from the daily stress and hectic of your life and you can completely relax in your own home.

The color style of a country house also radiates tranquility. They often choose colors that are not too bright or busy, like white, gray or other earth tones. You often see these colours in other interior styles, like the Scandinavian style. In terms of furniture the interior matches these colors. Use of robust and natural materials such as wood and cotton is common in this style. But how do you style the windows of your country style living room?

Country style window blinds

Country window blinds are part of a country interior. Smartblinds is the right place to go for country style window decoration. Smartblinds has an extensive collection of country window blinds with many different shades of white, grey and other shades like beige or sand. The Smartblinds collection also includes other types of window decoration. Venetian blinds or pleated blinds will also fit perfectly with your country style interior. Find out which country window decoration best fits your interior below.

Modern country blinds

The most common style combination today is the combination between modern and country design. In this style, all small accessories are left out. This makes the whole look easier. Want to know more about the modern style? Then get some inspiration here! For more inspiration for your home and interior, visit our inspiration page.

A modern country house also needs modern country blinds. Smartblinds are a real addition to your country house. The country blinds have a sleek and timeless design, which fits perfectly in every bathroom, living room or bedroom. Furthermore, the available colour shades create a warm and cosy feeling in your home.

       country roller blinds   
Country honeycomb blinds

Pleated blinds are a common type of window covering in homes with country interiors. They are multifunctional. They keep hot/cold air out in extreme seasons and contribute to the insulation of your house. Perfect if you live in an older house! Characteristic for a country house is that furniture, accessories and also the structure of your house is robust and rough. Think of large thick wooden beams in the ceiling, use of wood and metal. We also have the appropriate window decoration for this. Our rural pleated blinds also create a robust look that matches the rest of your interior due to the honeycomb pattern. The choice is yours: Do you go for subtle robust, by choosing the 25 millimeter cells, or do you want nice and coarse but still elegant? Then the 45 millimetre cell is the best option for you. To ensure you make the best choice, we recommend you order free samples without any obligation!

Country honeycomb blinds   
Country venetian blinds

It may be the oldest type of window covering in the list: Venetian blinds. Horizontal blinds and shutters have been used in all types of homes for ages. This includes country homes. With the use of wood in homes with a country feel, venetian blinds are already popular for use as country window coverings. Wooden venetian blinds have a traditional and elegant look due to their solid colour and smooth look. For a more rugged look bamboo venetian blinds are a good option. The slats of the bamboo blind have more structure. This gives your blind a coarser look, which certainly does not look out of place in a rural interior. Another positive point of the bamboo Venetian blind is that they are more durable!

country venetian blinds   

Accessories for country window blinds

It is also possible to combine your Smartblinds with another curtain. For example, hang a linen curtain on the sides of your blinds. The linen fabric combines well with the fabric of the country blinds and creates more depth in your living room. A large plant or several small plants also work well in combination with country window blinds.

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