Curtain cleaning: This you need to know

Every home needs a good cleaning once in a while. Dust swirls everywhere and dirt creeps in daily. Curtains are also dust collectors. That is why it is important to clean your curtains once in a while. How you do that is up to you. Here we have a number of techniques/ways you can best approach curtain cleaning.

Washing curtains
One way to clean your curtains is to wash your curtains. This involves taking the curtain off the rail and putting it in a laundry bag. Are metal hooks hanging from your curtains? Then it is useful to remove them before washing. Put your curtains in the washing machine and wash them at 30 degrees on a wool wash cycle. After washing, hang your curtains and let them dry in the closed position. If you have outdoor space to dry your curtains, this is preferable. This is because it will make the creases from washing come out faster.

Note: When washing curtains yourself, you should take into account that your curtains may shrink. Curtains made of cotton or linen can easily shrink if the washing instructions are not followed. So before you start washing your curtains, check the washing instructions and the shrinkage tolerance.
washing curtains washing curtains
Cleaning curtains with the hoover
You can't really sanitise your curtains with a hoover, but you can give them a good cleaning. Using a softer brush head, vacuum the dust off your curtains to avoid damaging the curtain fabric. Your curtain track is best dusted with a microfibre cloth. To remove foul odours from your curtain, you can use a hoover air freshener, which will infuse your curtain with a lovely aroma. Another option is to hang your curtain outside for a while on a cold/misty day. This will ensure that the smells will quickly migrate out of your curtain.
cleaning curtains cleaning curtains
Curtain dry cleaning
Are there stains or other dirt in your curtains? Then it is possible to steam clean your curtains. You can do this yourself using a steam cleaner, but we advise you to have it done by a dry cleaner. They know how to steam your curtain fabric without damaging your curtains. The only disadvantage of it is that this way, you must pay for it. The cost of dry cleaning your curtains depends on who does it. As a true do-it-yourselfer, you can of course use a steam cleaner to clean your curtains yourself. The handy thing about dry-cleaning curtains yourself is that you can simply leave your curtains hanging.
Curtain dry cleaning curtain dry cleaning

Regularly clean your curtains: Make it routine

To prevent stains from becoming stubborn in your curtains, it is a good idea to regularly give your curtains a good cleaning. So make sure you wash, steam or at least dust your curtains once a month to keep your curtains maintained and so you can enjoy your beautiful curtains for longer.

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