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Japanese are unique in their ways. Guided by age-old traditions and philosophies and with an eye for detail, Japanese interior design is also characterised as a unique and globally recognised style. A Japanese interior can be described as follows: a harmony of simplicity embracing the beauty of natural materials. Simplicity is a very important aspect of the Japanese interior style. Another interior design style that also sees this as an important pillar is the Scandinavian living style. Because these 2 interior styles complement each other so well, a mix has emerged between them, the so-called Japandi interior style. In this article, we are only going to talk about the Japanese interior style, and how Smartblinds are a great addition to this fantastic interior style.

The role of window blinds in a Japanese interior

Window blinds are considered an essential element in the Japanese living style to bring a room to life in its true beauty. The use of natural materials is liked to continue in window blinds. Translucent fabrics are widely used to merely create a visual separation between inside and outside, without compromising the amount of natural light that falls into a room. For example, a texture roller blind provides you with lots of light inside the room, and is sheer enough to look through, so the separation between inside and outside is minimum!

Japanese blinds

Japanese and the importance of light

The interplay between light and shadow in Japanese interiors not only emphasizes the beauty of simplicity but also accentuates the inherent elegance of natural materials like wood and stone. Moreover, light is intricately tied to the changing seasons and the concept of "shizen" (nature) in Japanese culture. Through careful placement of windows and openings, interior spaces invite the outside world in, allowing the shifting sunlight to cast ever-changing patterns that mirror the passage of time and nature's rhythm.

Japanese interior

Futuristic, just like Japan

It is sometimes said about Japan that they live 30 years further in time than the rest of the world. The use of robots, artificial intelligence and other futuristic gadgets is already much more common in Japan than in, say, Europe. However, Japanese blinds from Smartblinds are all set for the future. Smartblinds' smart window blinds feature a motor that you can link to your smart home. This therefore makes it possible to control your Japanese blinds by, among other things, your smartphone and even with your voice! Want to know how this works? Then check out all about this smart home technology!

Smart control

Besides the Japanese interior style, there are of course countless other interior styles where it is important to choose the right window decoration as well. In our column on interior styles, we give you all the information and tips for choosing the right window decoration for the right interior style! Do you have questions you cannot find the answer to on the website? Then contact us online or request a free consultation with one of our advisers!

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