Light filtering window blinds

With light filtering window coverings, you create the perfect match between light and sun in your home, combined with the perfect degree of privacy. With spring just around the corner, you want to enjoy the first rays of sunshine in your home. That's why Smartblinds is giving you a great deal on light filtering window coverings throughout March. Take a look at the collection, request samples and order your Smartblinds light filtering windows fully customized!

Brighten up your home

By choosing light filtering window coverings, you are choosing natural light in your home. Natural light can do an awful lot. As part of the human biological clock, taking in enough daylight ensures better sleep. In addition, natural light increases human productivity, both in the household and on the office floor. So not only does having plenty of light in the home make for an awful lot of style, your health benefits greatly as well!

licht in huis
Save some energy

Letting in more natural light through the windows logically eliminates the need to leave the lights on inside. Because of this savings, you can save another nice amount of money on your energy bill. Not only is this good for your wallet, but the environment also benefits greatly when taking more advantage of a natural light source! In addition, by making this adjustment, your light bulbs will last longer, so you won't have to get new bulbs as quickly!

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