Privacy blinds

It has happened to all of us. Someone peeking into your house or spying on you for no reason at all. We don't like to be watched unintentionally. Especially not at home, where you are so fond of your privacy. Rooms like bay windows can reduce your privacy level a lot. Luckily Smartblinds has designed window blinds to deal with this problem. These are blackout and translucent roller blinds and duo blinds. They ensure that strangers and outsiders no longer have a view into your privacy.

Privacy roller blinds

The blackout roller blinds are available in different fabrics and colours, but all have one thing in common, no light falls through them. This makes it logically impossible to see through the roller blind. Roller blinds are ideal for rooms where you want a lot of privacy. These are areas such as the bedroom or bathroom. However, it is also understandable to use window coverings against prying eyes in your living room. This is also a place where you gather with your friends and family, but would rather not be seen.

Another form of window coverings to prevent people from looking in are the light filtering roller blinds by Smartblinds. In contrast to black-out fabrics, these roller blinds allow light to pass through and thus ensure a good incidence of light. Ideal for example to prevent people from looking into your living room, kitchen or your home office.

Privacy blinds
Privacy window blinds

There are also several other ways of using anti-creep window coverings. We will explain a few of them to you:


Plants in the windowsill are seen as decoration and to enhance the atmosphere in your room, but they also have another useful function. Placing plants in your window sill also makes it more difficult to see through the window. So plants are actually multifunctional window decoration. Plants on the windowsill can be used as window decoration against view into the living room, or as kitchen window covering.

anti-creep window blinds
Windowsill decoration

Besides plants, many artistic and decorative pieces of art are placed in the window sill, which reduce the view into your home. Different types of art, which match the colour and style of your interior, can also help to reduce the view into your window. Windowsill decoration is a very broad term. Especially in the living room, there are many possibilities in several styles. Smartblinds will be happy to tell you more about it. Go to living room inspiration

Window film to reduce the view in your window

Applying window film to your window is also a way of reducing the view into your window. However, this is not really window decoration. Window film has no decorative function. What is positive is the fact that there is enough light shining through window film.

Windowsill decoration

So, there are not only window blinds against people looking into your home. Other solutions, such as plants in the windowsill, are also good options for reducing the view into your window. It is also possible to combine plants with window coverings. In this way, you create a lot of depth in your room, because there are several objects in front of your window. This can give a feeling of space.


Smartblinds is the specialist in creating atmosphere, privacy and style in your home. Are you curious about which privacy enhancing window covering would best suit your home and interior? Order free fabric samples and see and feel the fabrics at home! Still can't work it out? Then plan a free consultation with one of our experts.

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