Electric blinds for bay windows

Bay windows. You see them everywhere. Not surprisingly, because they are incredibly popular in today's housing scene. Bay windows have been around since the Middle Ages and have evolved considerably over time. Traditionally, a bay window is a semi-circular extension of usually the living room. The special feature of a bay window is that this extension lies outside the front facade of the house. This makes a bay window look like an extension. Nowadays, you can find bay windows in all shapes, forms and sizes. Square, rectangular, oval or round, completely made of glass or with small window panes with stained-glass windows. Because bay windows often do consist of large window sections, window blinds are no luxury. Electric bay window blinds from Smartblinds offer you a number of advantages when it comes to style and energy savings! Smartblinds informs you about the best bay window blinds!

Create atmosphere in your bay window
Window blinds, as mentioned, are indispensable in a bay window. But which window blinds are best for your bay window? Smartblinds has window coverings of various types. We have a large collection of roller blinds for bay window, day and night blinds for bay window and we're expecting to add venetian blinds and honeycomb blinds to our collection as well. All our blinds are electric and smart home compatible. Every bay window blinds has its own advantages. What those advantages are, we will explain to you per type of bay window blind.
bay window blinds bay window blinds
Bay window roller blinds
Smart roller blinds are actually the standard window blinds for a bay window. Roller blinds have a simple look, are super practical and functional. That is why they are also perfect as window blinds for a bay window. Smart roller blinds from Smartblinds come in different transparencies. So you have blackout, translucent and transparent roller blinds. Due to the wide range, there is always a suitable type of blind for your bay window. Smart roller blinds are also insulating. Just like our honeycomb blinds, our roller blinds are heat reflective. Especially in summer, this is super handy. This prevents the house from becoming a sauna in summer, but keeps the heat out.
roller blinds for bay windows roller blinds for bay windows
Day and night blinds for bay window
Smartblinds also has day and night blinds for bay window. These are roller blinds equipped with a double fabric strip, which horizontally alternate fabric strips and transparent strips. This allows you to play even more with the incoming daylight in your bay window. Privacy is an important aspect in the bay window. This is where you want to enjoy watching television or reading a good book at your leisure. You would rather not have any peeping eyes. These such called zebra blinds for bay window are perfect for this. Need light? Then open your transparent fabric strips. Want some time to yourself and create a cosy atmosphere? Then close your fabric strips.
day and night blinds bay window day and night blinds bay window
Honeycomb blinds for bay window
Honeycomb blinds are a frequently chosen form of bay window blinds. Honeycomb blinds are easy to operate and even have the ability to let light through both at the top and bottom through Top Down Bottom Up operation. This allows you to create a lot of light in your living room and bay window, making the room seem even bigger. Honeycomb blinds also contribute well to the insulation of your home. By equipping your home with any form of thermal blinds, you can save lots of money on your energy bill! Smart honeycomb blinds are made of 2 fabric strips that together form a honeycomb pattern. Air collects in this honeycomb, making it harder for air inside the house to leave the house and harder for outside air to enter. This principle works in summer because your smart pleated blinds keep the cool air in and the warm air from outside cannot get in. In winter, this works the other way around because your bay window blinds keep the cold air out and the warm air from inside also stays in. As a result, you save on air conditioning in summer and have to pay less heating costs in winter.
pleated blinds for bay windows pleated blinds for bay windows
Venetian blinds for bay window
The next and last form of smart bay window blinds are venetian blinds from Smartblinds. Smart venetian blinds are incredibly stylish and give a real upgrade to your living room and bay window interior. Bay window blinds should be functional. Often bay windows consist of many windows. Hoisting 4 different blinds by hand is obviously no fun. That is why all Smartblinds smart window blinds feature a smart wireless motor powered by a rechargeable battery. You can connect this smart motor to your smart home. Doing so gives you the following control options in addition to manual operation:
venetian blinds bay window venetian blinds bay window
Voice control

By connecting your bay window blinds to your smart home, you can control your electric bay window blinds using your smart home assistant. For example, say to Siri ''Hey Siri, lower my bay window venetian blinds''. Your smart assistant will not think twice and your venetian bay window blinds will start moving.

Smartphone control

You can also control your electric bay window blinds with your smartphone. Through your smart home app such as Apple HomeKit or Google Home, for example, you can easily open and close your blinds and move them up and down.

smart home control options smart home control options
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