Smart kitchen

Smart home devices in the kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most varied room in your home. You come there logically to make food, but the kitchen also serves as a cosy place to chat with your family/family or play games at the big dining table. In the kitchen, you are often busy with your hands. So you might also have your hands full, or they might be dirty. To make your kitchen just a little more user-friendly, you can turn your kitchen into a smart kitchen, equipped with smart home appliances. Smartblinds explains the smart home devices that will make your kitchen a truly smart kitchen.

smart home kitchen

Smart oven

We've all experienced it at one time or another. A hard day at work when very little is allowed to go right. The last thing you want after such a day at work is hours of slaving away in the kitchen for some tasty food on the table. Preferably, you make it as easy as possible for yourself, with a frozen pizza or ready-made oven meal. A smart oven makes this even easier. Because you can control your oven remotely. Finished work and heading home? Then set your oven to preheat by the time you get home. You can immediately put your pizza in the oven and, after 12 minutes of waiting, you will have forgotten about your bad day. So a smart oven is the perfect addition to a smart kitchen.

smart oven

Smart display

A smart display is an incredibly useful item to have present in your smart kitchen. Through your smart display, also known as a smart home hub, you can access your own smart home and the internet. Watch cooking videos, for instance, or search for the tastiest recipes on the internet. So you can make the tastiest dishes using recipes you can see from your smart display! You can also control your other smart kitchen appliances from your smart display. After all, it serves as the central hub of your smart home. Ask your smart display via voice control for example ''Hey Google, preheat the oven to 200°C hot air.'' Your smart display will trigger the oven.

smart display

Smart kitchen lighting

A smart kitchen is not a smart kitchen without smart lighting. Lighting is essential in the kitchen. You need to be able to clearly see what you are doing. After all, in the kitchen you are working with sharp knives, boiling water and other appliances that can injure you. To prevent you from having to apply plasters every day, good lighting is a must. Smart home lighting has just that little extra for your kitchen. Via your smartphone or with your voice, you can switch your lights on and off, but you also have control over the light strength, for example. For example, when you have finished cooking and you sit down at the table to enjoy what you have made, you can create a little more atmosphere with your lighting. Then dim the light slightly, or set a slightly warmer and atmospheric colour.

smart kitchen lighting

Of course, you can also fit the windows of your kitchen with smart home operated window coverings. Smartblinds has a wide range of different types of smart window blinds. Which window coverings best suit your smart kitchen depends of course on your taste and style. Take a look at our range!!

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