3 tips to make decorating your home easier

Are you going to start decorating your home soon and find that you are not so sure where or how to start? We give you three tips to make decorating your home just a little bit easier.


Our first tip is to create a mood board with images that reflect what you want your interior to look like. Of course, it doesn't have to be that you just stick images on it with items you want in your home. Instead, the mood board serves as inspiration to make your own style a little clearer for yourself. So you can start with a moodboard that reflects your overall style, and then you can make smaller moodboards that continue the style of your big moodboard but focus on a specific room, such as the living room.

Old school or online?

You can create a mood board in different ways. You can cut out (old school) images from magazines and paste them on a large sheet of paper. This allows you to see the mood board in a larger format and keep any fabrics there to see if they match. But nowadays it is also possible to create a moodboard via Pinterest. This is super easy and user-friendly. All you need is a device with the Pinterest app and a Pinterest account. Choose the option you like best.

Organise your spaces in advance

After creating a mood board, you can get to work laying out your home. How do you want the layout to be in your home? Make a floor plan per room on paper or online (there are countless tools for this). Then start placing your furniture in each room and see what the size options are. Do you have your layout all ready? Then you can move on to step 3! Of course, you may have to change the layout slightly in due course. This is no problem at all. Be flexible, because things often come up that require a slightly different approach.

Check online in advance

After creating the mood board and arranging your home, it's a good idea to get inspiration online and compare items before stepping into shops. This way, you can save costs because you know the price even before you enter different shops. Nowadays, it is very easy to order online. But most consumers prefer to see products in real life before ordering. For example, have you seen a nice sofa online and see it in real life at another shop? Then you will know right away where it is cheaper to get it and save costs.

Window decoration for every home

You are also inundated with choices and options when choosing the right window coverings. Ever heard of smart window coverings from Smartblinds? You can link these smart window coverings to your smart home, opening up a world of control options in addition to electric controls! For example, check out our electric roller blinds!