Feel safe on vacation

The vacation season is just around the corner. Most people already have plans for the vacations, but there are also people who prefer to stay at home. The vacation season is a popular period for burglars to enter uninhabited houses. But everyone should be able to go on vacation feeling safe, right? Fortunately, there are possibilities for this, for example with smart window decoration. With the help of smart window decoration, you can go on vacation with more peace of mind. How this works and why smart window decorations are really of added value during the vacations, you can read in this article.

Blackout window blinds

Blackout window blinds are a real must if you value your privacy. This type of window covering ensures that no one from outside can look in. This is ideal if you have a living room in a busy street but it is also nice for the bedroom. So you never wake up with the bright light of the sun in your eyes.

Smart window decoration against theft

Smart window decoration has been on the market for a while now, but what does it mean for feeling safe? A lot! Smart window decoration can be moved automatically and even controlled from any location. But that's not all, below are all the great conveniences of smart window decoration.

blackout window blinds

Precisely on time

Smart window decoration can be moved automatically by means of an automatic time schedule. You set the time on the app on your phone when you want the window decoration to move up or down. This way you never have to chase it yourself! This is ideal if you want to wake up in the morning with the sun in your face or if you want to go on vacation with a safe feeling. The burglars think that there is someone in the house to operate the window decoration but nothing is less true.

automatic window blinds

Control options

Control by phone

Smart window decoration can no longer be controlled only by a remote control. You can now also move your window decoration at any time of the day via your phone. Not only when you are at home, but also from your vacation resort in Spain. This way you create the perception that someone is in your house. This will deter burglars!

Safe for everyone

Are your children staying at home? No problem. Smart window decoration has no long cords or wires that small children can choke on. Everything is neatly concealed. But even people who don't understand the system can still operate the window decoration via the remote control or via the pull function. So you can leave the house with an easy mind! Want to go on vacation with a safe feeling this year? Check out our electric roller blinds or electric day and night blinds and prevent burglars from finding out that you are not at home!