Smart venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are an essential part of the average household these days, and we completely understand that! That is why we have expanded our collection with smart venetian blinds and smart honeycomb blinds. Besides being super functional, smart blinds are also mega stylish. We explain the three most important advantages of venetian blinds.

Light and privacy

With venetian blinds in your home, you can easily control the amount of light and privacy in your home. During the day, you place the blinds in an open position so that enough daylight enters your home. In the evening, you can tilt the venetian blinds a little more so that light still comes in, but you still have enough privacy. At night, you can tilt the blinds completely so no one can see inside. This also stops light from coming in. This means that venetian blinds can hang in the living room as well as in the bedroom or bathroom. Venetian blinds have a very stylish look and we have them available in several colours!

Indoor temperature regulation

Venetian blinds have a heat-wicking property. This means you can keep the heat out in summer, keeping your house cooler for longer. This also applies the other way round in winter. Venetian blinds act as good insulation when it is cold outside. They make it easy to keep the heat in and the coolness out. You can also control this very easily by having the venetian blinds work together with Eve Weather. This is a smart thermometer that measures how many degrees it is outside or inside. If, for example, the thermometer measures that it is 21 degrees, the blinds will close, keeping the heat outside. This can be set entirely to your liking.

Great quality

All our window decoration is of very good quality. All our fabrics and materials are tested, making our window decoration very durable. In addition, the venetian blinds are custom-made especially for your home. (So pay close attention when measuring) This way, your venetian blinds will fit perfectly in your home!

Smart control

The biggest advantage, in our opinion, is the smart controls. This means you don't have to keep pulling or twisting a cord to raise, lower, close or open them. If you have an IOS device, the control goes through Apple HomeKit. If you have an Android device, you will need to purchase the Smartblinds Wifi Bridge. Through Apple's home app, you can easily control your venetian blinds. Set smart scenes and link your blinds to other smart devices to create a complete smart home scene. Find out more about smart controls via Apple HomeKit.

Curious about the range of venetian blinds? Then take a quick look at our smart venetian blinds. Soon they will be available in our webshop.