The possibilities of smart window coverings

Little by little, more people are discovering the benefits of smart products and having a smart home is becoming more and more embraced. As a result, there are very many possibilities today to transform your home into a smart household. One term you're hearing more frequently is "smart window coverings". In this blog we will tell you what smart window decoration is and we will explain the possibilities.

What is smart window decoration?

Smart window covering is window decoration that you can operate in a smart way. Think of control via your smart home app, timers or via voice control. Smart window decoration works with a built-in motor and is therefore popularly called electric window decoration or automatic window decoration.

What are the possibilities of smart window decoration

Smart window decoration offers a lot of possibilities. Manual operation is a thing of the past with smart window blinds. From now on, you simply control your smart honeycomb blinds via your home app or even with your voice. But that's not all. In fact, you can also make smart window coverings function automatically. For instance, you can control that your smart venetian blinds always open and close at a certain time, but also in certain weather conditions or other situations. For example, you can set your smart roller blinds to perform a certain action when the sun's intensity is strong or weak, so it also offers energy-saving benefits. You can also easily let your window decoration open and close automatically when you are not at home. Very handy when you are on vacation and want burglars to believe that you are at home!

The different types of smart window decoration at Smartblinds

At Smartblinds you can find various types of smart window decoration. Our offer currently consists of smart blinds and duo blinds. All our window decoration can be operated via Apple HomeKit. Thanks to the pull function, you can also always perform manual actions.