Window coverings in the baby room

Furnishing the baby's room is something that many parents look forward to. Before the baby arrives, plans are already being made for a perfect looking, but also practical baby room. When it comes to a baby's room, everything is often thought up and executed down to the last detail! One of the most difficult things to do is to choose the right window decorations for the baby's room. In this article, we tell you the most useful facts and tips about electrical window decorations for the baby's room!

Incidence of light in the baby's room

Babies don't only sleep at night but also during the day. This means that the baby's room needs window decoration which ensures sufficient darkening. Not only to keep out the light but also the heat. It is important that babies get enough rest in the bedroom and are able to sleep through properly by means of blackout and sun blinds. Do you want to know what kind of electric roller blinds we have for the baby room? Then read on quickly!

Black-out and solar control electric window decoration

There are several types of roller blinds that are suitable for the baby room. Firstly; electric blackout roller blinds for the baby room. With blackout roller blinds you no longer need ordinary curtains. The roller blinds alone are sufficiently darkening and almost always also solar reflective. Ideal for the baby's room!

You can also choose transparent roller blinds. If you choose this option, you still need blackout curtains to hang in front of the roller blinds. This ensures that the baby can sleep peacefully, even when it is light outside. Just by opening the curtains, enough light comes in through the transparent roller blinds - they don't even need to be raised!

A third option is to install electric day and night blinds in the baby room. Duo blinds have two different hanging options. So you can easily switch between the two options. Ideal for the baby's room.

The advantages of electric window decoration in the baby's room

Now we hear you thinking; why should I choose electric roller blinds in the baby's room? We have several reasons!

The window decoration can be remotely controlled. Do you want to put your baby to bed for an afternoon nap? Then you can set smart scenes in advance so that the window decoration goes down when you put your baby to bed. You don't have to do anything anymore!

Besides, the electric roller blinds are wireless and can be operated via your smartphone. This means: no more long cords! Is your child a bit older and does it like to play with everything it sees in the room? With electric roller blinds in your baby's room, you don't have to worry about your child getting entangled in a cord. That is completely a thing of the past! Besides these advantages, there are many more advantages to choose electrical window decoration. Read our other stories and discover all about Smartblinds!