What smart home products are there?

Nowadays, there are countless smart home products on the market. It is therefore not easy to choose from all these products if you are just 'new' to the market. Besides different smart home products, there are also different smart platforms. From a platform you can control your smart products. We give you an overview of the most popular smart home products and explain on which platforms you can use them!

Smart home platforms

There are different types of smart home platforms. A platform often consists of an app. From this app you can control your smart home products. Do you mainly use Apple? Then it is logical to choose the Apple HomeKit platform. Are you an active Android user? Then Google Home is a logical choice. Besides these two platforms there are many more platforms with which you can control smart home products. Are you curious which ones they are? On our smart home platforms page, you can find a summary about the most popular smart home platforms!

Smart home products

Besides different platforms, there are also many different smart home products on the market. We have listed the 5 most popular products (in our opinion) for you:

Smart home platforms
1. The smart home speaker

The best known smart home product at the moment is the smart home/smart speaker. A smart speaker can be used as a Hub in your smart home. This speaker makes it possible to give smart devices commands by voice. For example, you can use Apple's smart speaker, the HomePod Mini to control your smart lighting or coffee machine with voice commands. You can also interact with your smart speaker. For example, when you ask the question "Hey Siri, how warm is it going to be in London today?", you will be able to expect an answer back from your smart speaker.

smart home speaker
2. Smart home lighting

Smart lighting is next to the smart speaker the most popular product in the smart home category. Smart home lighting can be controlled via the app on your phone, a normal light switch or your voice. This makes the control of your lighting in the house a lot more accessible and easier. You can also use the app on your smartphone to set timers so that the lights go on and off at the times you want.

Smart lighting
3. Smart home Plug

Another popular product is the smart plug. With a smart plug, you can make many non-smart products smart. Think of your coffee machine, charger and much more. This way, these devices receive power when you want them to receive power. With most smart plugs it is also possible to control them by voice commands. We also have a smart plug in our collection of accessories. Take a look and see how you can extend your smart home with the Eve Energy smart plug!

Smart home plug
4. Smart home thermostat

A smart thermostat is not only very smart, but also very sustainable. A smart home thermostat adjusts the heating in the house to your behaviour, in order to save energy. Because you and your smart thermostat are attuned to one another in harmony, you avoid using energy unnecessarily when you are away from home. It is also possible to control your heating remotely. This allows you to heat your home in a smart way and even save some money on your energy bill!

smart home thermostat
5. Smart home doorbell

The last but certainly not least product of this top 5 is the smart doorbell. With a smart doorbell at home, you always know who is at the door. Even when you are not at home! You can see who is at your door via your smartphone (or tablet). Do you also have a smart lock? Then you can even open the door when you are not at home. A smart doorbell contributes to a safer home and prevents prying eyes and burglars!

Slimme doorbell

Which smart home products do you choose?

Choosing smart home products is quite a task. We have listed the five most popular ones for you, but of course there are many more. When buying smart home products, pay attention to what they are all controllable with. The device must of course be controllable via the platform you use. For example, our smart home roller blinds work perfectly together with Apple HomeKit and many other smart home platforms. Do you work with a platform of which you would like to know if it can work with Smartblinds? Ask our customer service via livechat, e-mail of just give us a call!

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