Window coverings with Google Home support

Smartblinds cannot only be connected and operated with Apple. You can also use Google's smart home platform to turn your smart roller blind into a smart home blind. This way, you can integrate your Smartblinds with your Google Home and control all your smart devices, including your Google Home blinds, through one app. We explain the advantages of Google Home in combination with Smartblinds' smart roller blinds.

The benefits of Smartblinds

Smartblinds' smart window blinds are electrically operated. This means that you can operate your blinds remotely, for instance with your smartphone. This means you no longer have to bother with that time-consuming tugging on your roller blind cord. You can simply move your blind from your couch. Our window coverings contain a smart motor. With normal use you only need to charge this motor once or twice a year. This can be done with a USB-C cable. Because the motor has a rechargeable battery, your Google home blind does not need a constant supply of power from a power point. But how do you change your smart blind into a Google Home blind?

Google Home blind
Google Home support

By adding Smartblinds to your Google Home, you can control your smart blinds even smarter. Through Google Home you can give voice commands to your blinds by interacting with the smart assistant ''Google Assistant''. It is also possible to add your smart Google curtains to your smart home scenes via the Google Home App. This way, your smart curtains work together with other smart devices in your home. For example, set your blinds to open automatically at 7.30 in the morning, while your smart lights in your room slowly turn on! This way you can wake up in peace! Are you already more advanced in your smart home? Make sure that your coffee machine is connected to a smart plug and also added to your Google Home. This way, when you come downstairs in the morning, your coffee machine is already warmed up!

To turn Smartblinds into Google Home blinds, for now you still need a Motionblinds WiFi Bridge. With the arrival of the new smart home principle Matter, this will no longer be necessary. Want to know how to turn your Smartblinds into Google Home blinds via the bridge? View how to add Smartblinds to your Google Home.

Google Home blind
Smart Hub of Google Home

Like many other smart home platforms, Google has its own devices to support the smart home experience. Through that Hub, all smart home devices in the home are connected to each other. Google has 2 of their own smart devices to control your smart home on. On the Google Nest Hub you can control your smart home through the smart display and through voice control. On the smart display you can see an overview of all your devices, and for example view images from the smart cameras in and around your home. Google also has the Google Nest Mini. This compact speaker follows voice commands and can be used as a normal speaker. Ideal for your bedroom or bathroom.

Google Nest Hub
The possibilities of a Google Home blind

When you turn your Smartblinds into blinds with Google Home support, you will have multiple control options for your Smartblinds. Besides the pull control and smart control via smartphone, it will also be possible to control your automated Google Home blinds by voice via Google Home. Just give your Google Assistant on your smart speaker a simple instruction like "Hey Google, close my blind" and your Google Home blind will do what you told it to do. Super convenient and easy!

Besides voice control, you can also add Smartblinds to scenes in your Google Smart Home. Scenes make it possible for multiple smart home devices to work together in harmony. For example, at 8:30 in the evening set all the Google Home blinds to close, the smart home lighting to dim down to a percentage of 30% and the smart air conditioner in your bedroom to cool your room down to a perfect sleeping climate! The perfect scene for when you want to go to bed in an hour!

Automated Google Home blind
Start your Google Home

Do you want to start a smart home but don't know how? Google Home is one of the most accessible and simple smart home platforms at the moment. Installing Smartblinds on your Google Home is also a piece of cake. Automated Google Home blinds are simple to operate and easy to add to scenes in combination with other smart devices. Want to know more about smart devices? Take a look at the most accessible smart home products!

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