Electric roller blinds

How do I pick the right electric roller blind?

Where are you going to install your electric roller blind?

When choosing your electric roller blinds, consider where you will hang it. For example, in the living room you may need transparent or light filtering electric roller blinds, while in the bedroom you need good blackout.

Determine the fabric of your blind

In addition to the transparency of your electric roller blind, the type of fabric is also an important choice. Every fabric has a different appearance. To assess which fabric you like best, we recommend requesting free colour samples.

Choose the right colour for your electric roller blind

Have you determined the transparency and fabric? Then you can move on to choosing the right colour. When choosing the right colour, it is important to consider the combination of colours in your interior. Make sure the colour of your new blind matches it. You can also use the free colour sample service to determine the colour.

Pick electric roller blind Pick electric roller blind

What types of electric roller blinds are there?

Transparante elektrische rolgordijnen

Transparent electric blinds

Transparent blinds are roller blinds that allow the most light through. In our range, the transparent fabric is called the 'Texture'. The fabric is so called because of the structure it has. The structure of the Texture collection is very similar to linen.

Transparent electric roller blinds
Light filtering electric roller blinds

Light filtering blinds

Light filtering roller blinds provide your home with fine light. Like sheer roller blinds, a lot of natural light comes through the blind, but to a lesser extent. So you lose a little natural light, but benefit from increased privacy!

Light filtering electric roller blinds
Electric blackout blinds

Blackout electric blinds

Blackout blinds block all the natural light that enters. This gives you maximum privacy. Because no light enters at all, the room is blacked out. For this reason, electric blackout roller shades are perfect for the bedroom!

Blackout electric roller blinds
What fabrics can you choose from?
Smartblinds' electric roller blind collection consists of 5 different collections in total. Of these, 1 collection is fully transparent (Texture) and the other 4 fabric collections are available in both light filtering and blackout versions. To see which fabric suits you and your interior best, we recommend ordering colour samples. Through our website, you can easily select the fabrics you are curious about and have them delivered to your home. All this is a free service from us, so you pay nothing at all!
blind fabric blind fabric
Save energy with electric roller shades

Did you know that using electric window blinds can actually save you energy and money? All year round, and especially in hot summers and harsh winters, you can use your electric blinds smartly! For example, with the Eve MotionBlinds motor, you can automatically close your electric blinds when there is a certain amount of sun or high temperature. This way, you keep the heat out in summer and you can keep the heat in during winter, saving on electricity for air conditioning and heating costs all year round!

insulating blinds insulating blinds
Control each blind individually

Do you have several electric roller blinds hanging? Then you can choose to operate your Smartblinds all at the same time. This choice is mainly made in scenes, where for example all blinds close together in the evening. However, it is also possible to operate each blind separately. For example, are you bothered by sunshine from a certain angle? Open your phone and close the electric roller blind of the desired window and you are no longer bothered by the bright rays of the sun.

Your electric roller blinds, made to measure

Do you choose quality? Then you choose customised electric roller blinds. Fortunately, at Smartblinds you can put together your roller blinds according to your wishes. Choose a roller blind from the range, enter the desired dimensions and put together your Smartblinds according to your wishes. Apart from fabric type and colour, you can also choose the colour of your system and the side for your motor and pull cord. You even have an additional option to make your electric roller blind even more luxurious with a cassette!

Electric roller blinds made to measure Electric roller blinds made to measure


Why should I pick an electric roller blind?

Because of the option to connect your electric roller blind to your smart home, you can add your blinds to your daily routines and add them to scenes. This way, you no longer need to operate your own roller blinds. Your smart assistent does this for you!

How do I measure the width and height for my electric roller blind?

By simply measuring the width and height of your window's sash, you will arrive at the correct dimensions for your electric roller blinds. Smartblinds has simple measuring instructions for this. Once you have measured your window, you can easily assemble your blinds on our website.

How do I install my electric roller blind(s)?

Smartblinds blinds contain a wireless battery. This means that your electric roller blinds do not need a power supply. This makes the installation of your blind a lot easier. For the installation we have a simple instruction. It also tells you how to add your blind to your smart home. It only takes a minute to change your blinds into automatic ones.

How often do I need to charge my electric blinds?

The motors of Smartblinds smart blinds contain a long-life battery. With normal use, you will only need to charge your battery once or twice a year. You can charge your Smartblinds with a USB-C cable. The battery will be fully charged after 8 hours.

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