Everything about roller blinds

Smartblinds can be placed in any room and in any style. The design of our stylish roller blinds is timeless. That is why they are perfect for both modern interiors and classic interiors. On this page, you can read all about our roller blinds. We explain all additional options and take you through the process, from measuring your window to installing your blind in or on your window.


What kind of roller blinds are there?

Which roller fabrics can you choose from?

What roller blind colours are there?

Brackets or a cassette?

How do you charge the blind?

How do you measure your blind?

How to install a Smartblinds roller blind?

What kind of roller blinds are there?

Sheer roller blinds

Sheer roller blinds

Transparent, or sheer roller blinds are roller blinds that let most of the light through. In our range, the transparent fabric is called the 'Texture'. The fabric is so called because of its structure. The structure of the Texture collection is very similar to that of linen.

Light filtering roller blind

Light filtering roller blinds

Light filtering roller blinds provide your home with fine light. Like transparent blinds, a lot of natural light comes through the blind, but to a lesser extent. So you lose a little natural light, but benefit from increased privacy!

Blackout roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds block all the natural light that enters. This gives you maximum privacy. Because no light enters at all, the room is blacked out. For this reason, blackout blinds are perfect for the bedroom!

Which fabrics to choose from?
Smartblinds' electric roller blinds collection consists of 6 different collections in total. Of these, 1 collection is fully transparent (Texture) and 1 is fully blackout (Solar). The other 4 fabric collections can be chosen in both translucent and blackout versions. To see which fabric suits you and your interior best, we recommend ordering free colour samples. Via our website, you can easily select the fabrics you are curious about and have them delivered to your home. All this is a free service from us, so you pay nothing at all!
Roller blind fabrics Roller blind fabrics
Normal side supports or a 'luxury' cassette?
Smartblinds' roller blinds are fully configurable to your needs. When configuring your roller blind, you also get the option of fitting it with a cassette system. A cassette is a system where the roller of the blind is hidden in a stylish aluminium housing. This provides optimal protection for your roller blind fabric. In addition, a cassette system is easy to mount. You can add a cassette to your roller blind in one of the 4 available colours.
cassette roller blind cassette roller blind
How do you charge a Smartblinds roller blind?
Smartblinds are all equipped with a wireless motor. This means you do not need a power supply to operate your blind. The motor is inside the tube of your blind. A few times a year, depending on the use of your blind, you should recharge your blind motor. Usually this is between 1 and 4 times a year. Charging your blind is done using a USB-C cable. We will provide this free of charge when you order your blind. The USB-C charging port is also located on the side where you select the motor of your blind.
Charging Charging
Measure your windows independently
With the simple measuring manuals, measuring your windows will be a piece of cake! In the manual and the accompanying film, we take you through the measuring process step by step. Afterwards, you can enter your measurements on the website. We will then ensure that your roller blinds are produced perfectly tailor-made. Use the button below to view the fitting instructions. If you have ordered colour samples, you will receive these instructions on paper.

How to install a Smartblinds' roller blind

Roller blinds with brackets

Installing your Smartblinds does not require an installer either. With the installation instructions included with your order and the video above, we will help you install your blind step by step.

Roller blinds with cassette

Just like roller blinds with side supports, installing your Smartblinds with a cassette is easy. For this too, we have made a handy instruction video and you will receive the installation guide below with your blind.

Choose smart, choose Smartblinds

Go for the perfect combination of simplicity, style, luxury and comfort, combined with the smart technology of electric/smart home control. Configure your favourite Smartblinds entirely according to your wishes and needs. We will make sure you enjoy a stylish smart blind that is 100% custom-made for your window in no time.

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