Roller blinds with smart home control

Looking for an upgrade in your interior? Then you surely have to take a look at the smart home roller blinds from Smartblinds and easily order your favourite Smartblinds made-to-measure! Would you like to see our roller blind colours fabrics in real life? Simply request free colour samples. Order your Smartblinds today and bring your interior to life!

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Roller blinds with smart control

Feeling better and more comfortable in your own home. That's what Smartblinds' smart window blinds stands for. Always naturally having the perfect daylight, darkness, temperature and privacy in your home. At any time of the day. And completely automatically. Simple, top-quality products that contribute to sustainability, safety and, of course, atmosphere. Smartblinds makes it possible for everyone to experience the benefits of smart home. Even if this is totally new to you.

No wires & easy to install

The new range of Smartblinds smart roller shades are highly advanced and at the same time very user-friendly. The wireless motors enable incredibly easy installation and smart control options with your smartphone. As the smart roller blinds connect automatically via Bluetooth, no gateway or bridge is needed for set-up with your Apple HomeKit. By simply scanning a HomeKit Setup Code, the blinds are set up automatically and securely, ready to be controlled via the Apple home app on your smartphone. In just a few seconds, you're all set. Software updates with the latest features automatically appear in the app, so your smart blinds are always up to date.

Integrate your smart roller blinds in your smart home

Each smart blind from Smartblinds works smoothly and securely with other HomeKit-certified accessories. Think of your smart lights, motion detectors and thermostat. Connect them very easily and Smartblinds are instantly a perfect part of your smart home. Buying some expensive bridge is not necessary for this, as Smartblinds work directly with your HomeKit devices for your comfort! Like to control our smart blinds with another smart home platform like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? Check here how to make this possible.

Another advantage of our smart roller shades is that they are very privacy-friendly. Many applications work with the cloud. Smartblinds' motors do not. In fact, all settings and data are stored locally, so this data never leaves the house. This way, your security and privacy is guaranteed.

Plenty of operating options

Smartblinds smart blinds come with various control options. Through your home app, you simply swipe each blind to the desired position and save your favourite positions. Then use these favourite positions in your scenes or routines while automating your home, so that from now on your electric blinds will automatically move to your set positions. At desired times or after activating the scene with a voice command, for example. Need to quickly change the position of one of your blinds? Or does your cleaning helper need to be there? Then you can always operate your smart blind with the well-known pull cord.

Smart roller shades

Smartblinds are made to your measuring

Naturally, you would like to have something to choose from. Smartblinds therefore offers you a product range consisting of different smart blinds. Each of them has smart functionalities and can be automated and controlled remotely. Rely on high quality and design, because that is very important to us at Smartblinds. A tailor-made smart roller blind that will give you convenience and pleasure for years to come, that is what we offer. Besides smart roller blinds, our range also includes smart day and night blinds, which you can also customise to your wishes. Wondering which other products will be added to our range in the future? Then subscribe to our newsletter!

Make your daily routines easier

Living in a smart home means enjoying an automated interior. With smart home blinds, you give your smart home a new dimension and create the ultimate in everyday convenience and comfort at home. Here are the benefits smart blinds have to offer you:

  • Very simple to use
    Each smart blind can be operated automatically or via an app. Still operate manually every now and then? That too is simply possible.
  • Provides extra security
    Burglars do stay away when a house looks occupied. As a result, Smartblinds instantly make your home a lot safer.
  • Accessible for everyone
    Automatic moving roller blinds are ideal if you have mobility problems, among others. Moreover, there is no cord with a dangerous loop on our smart blinds, making them safe for children.
  • Energy-efficient
    Smartblinds only need to be recharged once or twice a year and are therefore very energy-friendly.

For every interior

Smartblinds' smart roller blinds range consists of fabric collections of durable quality and in various colours, making them suitable for any living style. From a Scandinavian interior to industrial, and from rural to modern. Smart blinds will suit any interior. While composing your roller blinds, simply switch between the different fabric colours and instantly see how it looks. Follow the rest of the steps and design your own Smartblind according to your wishes. This way, you can create the perfect blind for your interior style in no time!

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How does a Smart roller blind work?

A smart roller blind is a roller shade that can be connected to your smart home, allowing you to operate your window blinds in various ways, such as smartphone control and voice control.

How do you measure the height and with for your Smartblinds?

You can find the right dimensions for your smart blinds by measuring your window. To do this, simply follow our measurement instructions. Once you know the correct dimensions, simply put together your Smartblinds made-to-measure blind via our site.

Can I install smart roller blinds by myself?

Smartblinds' smart roller shades contain a wireless battery and are therefore very easy to install. So there is no need to connect electricity to your windows. Connecting your Smartblinds to your smart home is also a piece of cake. Within a minute, you can turn your Smartblinds into automatic blinds.

How do I charge my Smartblinds?

Our smart roller blinds charge easily via a USB-C cable, which you receive for free with your order. With normal use, this is only necessary once or twice a year. Within 8 hours, your smart blinds are fully charged again.

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