Electric venetian blinds

Are you looking for custom-made electric venetian blinds that you can operate remotely and automatically? Browse our collection of blinds and bring your home to life with Smartblinds. With our electrically venetian blinds, you will enjoy enormous comfort, safety and durability. Take a look at our offer and order your made-to-measure Smartblinds today!

Why you should have electric venetian blinds in your home
With electric wooden venetian blinds or electric bamboo venetian blinds, you can give your home an extra dimension. By varying the horizontal shadows and the incidence of light, you can determine the atmosphere in your home. For example, during the day, choose a bright interior and open your electric venetian blinds. As evening falls and it gets darker outside, you can choose to close the slats of your blinds a little further. This will create a warm atmosphere in your home. With the possibility of setting fixed timers, you can open and close your electric blinds in the morning and in the evening at the desired times. In this way, you no longer have to look at your window decoration, but the blinds do the work for you.
electric horizontal blinds
The advantages of electric venetian blinds
As the owner of a smart home, you probably already know about the advantages. In addition to app and voice control, electric venetian blinds offer you many other advantages:
  • Make it easy on yourself
    All our electric venetian blinds can be controlled automatically with your app. How easy can it be?
  • They deter burglars
    Because you can move the electric venetian blinds when you are away from home, burglars are much more likely to skip your house because they see movement in it. That makes it a lot safer.
  • Childproof due to missing cord
    Our electric blinds can be operated without a cord. This makes them safe for children.
  • Energy-saving
    Also make smarter use of the heat that the sun provides for free and save energy to heat your home.
electric venetian blinds
Control your venetian blinds with your smartphone
The electric venetian blinds of Smartblinds are easy to operate via your smartphone. This way, you can control the position of your blinds remotely from anywhere via your home app.
Blinds Blinds
Manage rooms in the house
Every room is different and requires different settings. Easily create groups and manage each electric Venetian blind separately, or opt for unity in your home and operate your electric Venetian blinds all at the same time.
Rooms Rooms
Movement in your home
The smart home lets multiple smart devices in your home interact and work with each other. Create scenes and let your electric blinds come to life.
Scenes Scenes
Automating with timers
With timers, you don't have to look at your blinds anymore. Let your Smartblinds automatically execute preset commands at desired times and enjoy enormous convenience.
Timers Timers
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