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'Less is more'. That's what the minimalist interior style is all about. Minimalism is characterized by the use of sleek, streamlined furniture pieces that blend harmoniously together. To radiate optimal tranquillity and aesthetics, it's important that your window blinds also aligns with your minimalist interior. Therefore, it's essential to opt for minimalist window blinds that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your decor. Minimalist window blinds can be recognized by its clean design, minimal frills, and the use of calming colours and shades. Smartblinds provides more information about the minimalist interior and how you can perfectly incorporate Smartblinds' window blinds into your minimalist home.

The Minimalist Interior Style

A minimalist interior exudes calmness and luxury. To achieve these two core values of minimalism, it's best not to incorporate too many different colours into your interior. Stick to a few basic tones like grey, white, and black or charcoal. These are neutral, serene colours that look fresh and tranquil. By applying one of these shades to both the floor and your walls, you already have a solid foundation for your minimalist home.

Minimalist Furniture

In a minimalist interior, as the name suggests, minimal use of furniture is employed. Frills and embellishments, such as side tables and other accessories, are deliberately omitted in this style. A selection of large furniture pieces is chosen, in similar shades to the base tones. Furniture in a minimalist interior often boasts a modern appearance with sleek finishes.

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Material Use in a Minimalist Interior

The materials often used in a minimalist interior also exude luxury and serenity. Hence, the choice is made for the use of glass, concrete, and metal. These materials are sleekly finished and readily available in the basic tones of white, black, and grey. To infuse the space with a warm and welcoming feel, fabrics like linen or wool are used. You can also enhance this sensation by selecting the right minimalist window blinds.

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The right minimalist window blinds

Window blinds can either make or break your interior. Depending on the rest of your decor, you can choose to have your window blinds seamlessly blend with the rest of your interior. If you have a different interior style, such as a countryside interior, you might opt to make your window decor a focal point. In the minimalist interior style, we prefer to select window blinds in the same colour as the walls. This creates a cohesive look that radiates calmness and unity. Fortunately, Smartblinds offers window blinds in all basic tones, allowing you to order your minimalist day and night blinds or roller blinds in any desired base shade.

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The Advantage of Wireless Window blinds

A minimalist interior demands perfection. Precise finishing of furniture and any potential accessories is crucial. Visible power cables and such are distractions in a minimalist interior. Fortunately for you, Smartblinds' motor is wireless, so you won't have to deal with visible power cords. Only 1-4 times a year, for a few hours each time, a USB-C cable needs to be connected to your window blinds to recharge the motor for an extended period!

Our Tip

If you're unsure about which type of window covering suits your minimalist interior best, our suggestion is: Roller blinds. Roller blinds exude the most tranquillity with their clean design and their fabric panel also add a touch of warmth to your home! Curious about other interior styles? We've listed the most popular interior styles for you!

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